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A December to Remember


It’s December!!

We’ve been waiting for this month for a long time. Baby’s family is on their way. I know they cannot wait to meet her!!

I feel so thankful that with everything…EVERYTHING…we’ve gone through the last 9 months, I’m still hanging in there at nearly 37 weeks with a healthy baby kicking around. Losing a massive amount of blood back in early July was an absolutely terrifying experience but I know the prayers from baby’s Mom and Dad were strong enough to carry both of us through it all. And here we are! They are such loving, kind, wonderful parents and people. I can only imagine how excited they are to have made it and to be this close to holding their little angel. I’ll be praying for their safe passage here.

They’ll be accompanying me to the doctors appointment next Tuesday. Hopefully she will perform a quick ultrasound to check size, position, and fluid levels and all that so my IPs can get a quick look at their daughter. It may be busy over there in the afternoon so I can’t say for sure if that will happen or not.

Baby feels like she’s dropped a lot lower as evidenced by my ability to breathe once again and a reprieve from the heartburn. I’m going to step up my long-distance walking game once they arrive and continue to chase my toddler around. Maybe I’ll get labor to start on its own, but it wouldn’t be a shock if we end up needing some pitocin based encouragement in that department.

If you’ve been following us along our journey the past year, would you mind just keeping us in your thoughts and prayers and we come to the grand finale of a slightly different, but no less wondrous way of welcoming a child into the world? Every little bit of encouragement helps.

With Me, But Not Of Me

Four years ago was not your time. It came close as they wanted you to be a twin to your brother, but his journey was meant to be a solo ride, as is yours beginning today.

Your mother and father have dreamed about you since that day nearly four years ago, and while I can make no promises or guarantees of your arrival, I can put my faith in the doctors and in my body that the medication protocol all worked the way it should and come nine months from now, we will all be surrounding you as you breathe in your first gurgling shriek of air, all your family and friends welcoming you to this planet with overwhelming love and warmth.

So please stick around, little one. It’s your time. Things are so very good here. It’s time to make the change from frozen angel, to a real one.