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hyvää päivää week 34

Checking in with 6 weeks left until our due date. The finish line is in sight. I’m running out of ways to say hello in different languages. We will be saying hello to baby girl soon enough! Speaking of finish lines, my family walked a 5K fundraising race (non-competitive) for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation yesterday and at 8 months pregnant Im quite proud of myself for going out there and doing that! I was a little nervous all that walking might send me into labor, but no such luck.

Im fortunate to have some projects going forth into the next year, like officially starting my Masters degree program! There’s a stereotype out there about surrogates that once the baby is born we go into this period of loss and mourning and while the experience varies for everyone, I don’t believe that to be the case at all for most surrogates. We have our own lives to get back to, our own families and projects to keep us busy just the same as the new parents are able to welcome their new family member(s) and adjust to that change. Life goes on…

If you have any suggestions for new ways to say hello I have yet to use I’d love to hear them! 😀

HCG Beta Results

The results are in. Drumroll please….

Mon 4/18 10dp5dt: 64

Weds 4/20 12dp5dt: 176!!!!

Wow! Wednesday’s beta didn’t just double, it crushed Monday’s like a Nordic downhill skier on a gold medal run.

Although that was a big rise in levels, I think it’s safe to say we are still in the singleton number range, no splitters here. Baby decided to get all nice and settled.

Know what that means? It’s time to step up my Christmas gifting this year to level: baby. How cool is our due date??