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Healthy Snack – Best Guacamole No Tomato

Don’t ever buy pre-packaged guacamole from a store. Yuck. Don’t do it. When it comes to avocado delight, nothing beats fresh. I’m proud to be a total guacamole snob.

We’ve come to an agreement as a family this is our favorite guac recipe:

2 whole avocados

1/3 cup green onions

1/3 cup cilantro

1/4 diced red onion

1 teaspoon olive oil (not for taste, for consistency)

salt and pepper to taste


Since we aren’t fans of raw tomato, we don’t use it. I’ll tinker around with other variations on guacamole, but these 5 ingredients are the foundation.  Since I’m on the “food with ingredients you can pronounce” diet, there should always be a container of fresh guacamole in my fridge.

muy bueno

muy bueno



Healthy Snack Alert – Chocolate Almond Butter & Bananas


Picked this one up from a health and wellness group.  It’s an easy, wheat-, dairy-, and added sugar-free snack or dessert if you need a chocolate fix.

Mix a couple spoonfuls of almond butter – I’ve become a convert to Justin’s brand of nut butters, they’re raw and divine – with a sprinkle of unsweetened baking cocoa and some banana or apple slices.  I added a squirt of flax oil to aid in the mixing.  Simple.  Chocolate.  Protein power.

my favorite brand of natural nut butters

my favorite brand of natural nut butters