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Omega-3 Use For Children

Omega-3 is chock full of incredible benefits for developing brains. Most North American children are deficient in DHA which is required for healthy brain and eye development. When it comes to children and Omega-3 supplementation, there is no limit to the potential advantages an organic, plant-derived source of DHA can have on the developing mind.

Want to raise genius children without really trying? Granted, you may need to put forth a little effort from time to time (READ! Read to and with your children from a young age, early and often) there is a scientifically proven means to improving your child’s reading level and cognition, which has also been shown to reduce ADHD behavior in addition to helping children sleep better at night. It’s found in the fatty acid called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) present in Omega-3 supplements and it’s the equivalent of giving your child a direct shot of brain juice straight to their growing thinker. Am I advocating for performance enhancing elementary school drugs? Did Mozart compose his first symphony at the age of eight? Giving your child an Omega-3 supplement is a small and simple addition to your daily routine that can do a tremendous amount of good for them in the long-run.

In a 2011 study, researchers were surprised to find that Omega-3 supplementation in children with diagnosed ADHD showed a significant improvement in a decrease of symptoms. While the researches propped up the effect of pharmaceuticals administered in the study, the effect of Omega-3 supplementation in children could not go unnoticed. Young, elementary school aged children with severe levels of ADHD were focusing better, for longer periods of time and showing improved levels in concentration.

Additionally, in 2013 a study from Oxford University suggested that children who received Omega-3 DHA fatty acid supplementation experienced better, deeper sleep at night with a marked reduction is wakeful episodes and sleepwalking incidents. From the time of infancy to age 5, a child’s brain triples in mass. With neural pathways and connections being formed at such a rapid, exponential rate of growth, it makes sense why sleep is so critical for young children. The brain needs to rest and process the vast amount of information it takes in on a daily basis. Omega-3 fatty acid can help give your child a fuller, longer, more restful sleep at night and naps.

Unfortunately, most American children are deficient in DHA and consume less than optimal levels required for brain and eye development. As babies, breastmilk and some formulas provide this necessary fatty acid, but as toddlers and children grow up, they lose a critical source of DHA by not consuming enough fatty fish and organ meat in their diet to make up for this deficit. As any parent will tell you, getting a three-year-old to swallow a large, gelatinous capsule is no easy task. It’s practically impossible to provide conventional vitamins to young children in anything besides gummy form. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simpler, easier means to get your kids to take their vitamins?

With the addition of a well-balanced diet, Omega-3 can demonstrably improve behavior and concentration in children. As parents, anything we are sold as a quick and easy fix may not be the genuine deal, but plant-derived DHA could indeed be it.


Good news? I’ve lost 10 pounds since the beginning of the month. Better news? I had two great workouts today.

Losing weight is not easy. If you looked up easy in the thesaurus, the first antonym would not be ‘hard’ but ‘weight loss’.

I must commit every day.

I refuse to quit this time.

It would be nice to have a friend along the way also making this decision.

Product Review – ORA Organic Supplements


Usually when you add protein powder to smoothies and shakes you have to brace yourself for the slightly-off chalky taste that dominates the beverage. I normally guilt-trip myself into adding a scoop because it feels healthier. Turns out that nutritionally, you’re not doing your health any favor by adding protein powder into those smoothies or shakes. Your body digests the protein first, leaving the sugars to hang out and turn into fat.

I was pleasantly surprised the other day to discover that my drink, consisting of Almond Milk, Ice, and Organic Superfood Protein by Ora actually tasted like a Vanilla Chai!

Not chalky.

Not gritty.


I went and ordered the full container. I was visiting my parent’s this weekend and they had some available to sample, but after that great experience I’m going to get some for my family. I have a feeling the kids will like this because it’s tasty and vanilla.

I also got to sample Ora’s plant-based Omega 3 spray, cleverly called “Nothing Fishy Here”. It’s a revolutionary new way of Omega 3 intake which eliminates the need for fish oil capsules. Are you a fan of vurping fish oil? Umm, me either. It felt a little odd at first to spray a mysterious substance in my mouth. Ora claims this is a more efficient means of delivering the nutrient as it eliminates toxic oxidation. The pineapple flavor was not off-putting in the slightest. Currently the product runs for $30 per bottle for a one month supply. This struck me as pricy and hopefully there will be a price-drop once they get going. Right now you can use the coupon code valid through June 17 “oralaunch” to save 30% off your order. The discount was what helped me pull the trigger on purchasing. As for the health benefits of Omega 3? I’ll have to wait and see. I’ve decided to go back to school for a Masters Degree (Fall 2016) so perhaps this will help me beef up the old brain and memory.

I wasn’t able to sample the Organic Probiotics but with the savings of the coupon code, placed an order for all 3 of their products direct ship to our house! Use the code and give them a try! The code “orabegins2015” will grant you access to the website to check out supplements… re-imagined!


It’s Goin’ Down

Month one weight loss total : 7 lbs

keeeeep it goin’!!!

Happy New Year!!

I can’t contain my excitement!  Eeeeee!!!  My IPs and I are both on the same page for going on a sibling journey and the initial pieces of the legal and medical parts can start lining up.

Everyone gets motivated with the New Year to jump on weight loss and fitness bandwagon, but for me, now I have an awesome reason to get back into my best pre-baby shape. I want my body to be ready to accept this new little life and do a great job growing it.  They say people can’t change, however one thing I discovered about myself while losing 50 lbs last year is, and I never thought I’d say this, I actually LIKE running. What?!  As a young adult I would have thought that notion was absolutely nuts.  Once I get my motivation to go outside and just get it done, which sometimes the motivation is not always there, I end up liking the way running and jogging make me feel. The repetition of beats on the asphalt is oddly relaxing. I enjoy the way my body feels after sweating buckets.  People can change after all, fancy that!

Anyway, I’ll be busy getting my workout on and will make far more updates now that Surrogacy Round Two is here…IT’S ON!!!