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Happy Transfer-versary!

Pretty hard to believe a year has gone by since the embryo transfer and the agony of the 2 week wait. I’ve been receiving updates on Little Miss in the form of pics and videos and I do declare, she is the cutest baby to ever baby it up!!! I mean, my kids were pretty cute babies, but lucky Mom and Dad have an absolute beauty. Wish I could claim some credit for that but hey, I was just the oven!

I’m almost done with my first full semester of Grad School. One down, four to go. It’s been busy, hence why I don’t come on here anymore, but I’m absolutely loving it and am so happy to have found a future career that suits me. I envy those who have what they want to do all figured out by the time they graduate high school. This was not the case for me AT ALL and although it took a couple moves and five babies later I finally got on the right course, I’ve enjoyed the little detours along the way.

I will probably end up deleting this blog over the summer since my surrogacy journey is done. Maybe I’ll convert it to a therapy blog, haha, not so sure that would be nearly as interesting. Will try to archive all our memories from here before I go. It was an incredible year and I’m looking forward to visiting both my surro-babies next year!!!

A Happy Birthday

This entry has been a long time overdue. I wasn’t overdue though! We welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl on December 18th at 12:08 in the afternoon. She was placed in the arms of her mother and father with love and joy and gratitude for the amazing miracle of her life.

It was a beautiful, easy, comforting birth and I couldn’t have asked for things to have gone any differently. For the first time I went into the hospital in active labor all on my own without any pitocin or needing to induce things along. Contractions woke me up around 3 in the morning and we made the call to head in around 5:30. My intended parents arrived at 7:30-8 and she made her appearance just after noon! We spent the holidays together with some delightful company and made some amazing memories.

Surrogacy has been a wonderful experience for me not just once, but I’ve gotten lucky two times now! I’ve been feeling really good in the postpartum period and pumped milk for her while she was in town and am now going to donate the remainder to a local baby in need. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving!

It is so tempting to say yes, I would do this again and get pregnant in a heartbeat and help give someone the chance at their dream. I have loved the journey every step of the way but it’s time to take a break. I can’t say what the future holds and if a friend or relative were to approach me privately it’s something I would for sure consider. I’m taking the next couple years and focusing on me. On growing a career I am very excited about and finally feeling like I’ve found my calling in life. On helping my daughter with her diabetes care. And gaining a foothold of independence in case the paths my husband and I are on become too divergent to reconcile.

From start to finish this journey has been amazing. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am that two kind and loving parents put their fullest trust in me to take care of the most precious cargo they’ll ever have. Being able to be there and a part of that moment when they finally met the beautiful little angel girl of their dreams made all the shots, the pains, the wacky hormones all the worthwhile.

**G’day Week 39!!**

Well Sam, here we are, at the end of all things. We’ve said ‘hello’ to this baby from all around the world (see what I finally did there?!? This whole time!!) and now we wait…we wait for her to grace us with her presence. To be welcomed into Mom and Dads arms as if she’s never been away. When I look at my own children, I try to imagine what my life was like before they came into it and it’s difficult. It’s almost unfathomable. They were always there, in my dreams, just waiting to join our family. In a mere matter of hours, really is what this final waiting period comes down to, I have the chance to help make another family’s dreams come true. And for me, that’s what the whole surrogacy experience has been about. I can’t carry the burden of infertility for anyone, but I can carry YOU. You, you sweet little Christmas angel, ready to light up the world with your smile. And hopefully, the next entry you read here will be a birthday story!

A December to Remember


It’s December!!

We’ve been waiting for this month for a long time. Baby’s family is on their way. I know they cannot wait to meet her!!

I feel so thankful that with everything…EVERYTHING…we’ve gone through the last 9 months, I’m still hanging in there at nearly 37 weeks with a healthy baby kicking around. Losing a massive amount of blood back in early July was an absolutely terrifying experience but I know the prayers from baby’s Mom and Dad were strong enough to carry both of us through it all. And here we are! They are such loving, kind, wonderful parents and people. I can only imagine how excited they are to have made it and to be this close to holding their little angel. I’ll be praying for their safe passage here.

They’ll be accompanying me to the doctors appointment next Tuesday. Hopefully she will perform a quick ultrasound to check size, position, and fluid levels and all that so my IPs can get a quick look at their daughter. It may be busy over there in the afternoon so I can’t say for sure if that will happen or not.

Baby feels like she’s dropped a lot lower as evidenced by my ability to breathe once again and a reprieve from the heartburn. I’m going to step up my long-distance walking game once they arrive and continue to chase my toddler around. Maybe I’ll get labor to start on its own, but it wouldn’t be a shock if we end up needing some pitocin based encouragement in that department.

If you’ve been following us along our journey the past year, would you mind just keeping us in your thoughts and prayers and we come to the grand finale of a slightly different, but no less wondrous way of welcoming a child into the world? Every little bit of encouragement helps.

Klahowya Week 36

I have a sentimental attachment to this green and white flannel shirt. It’s very PacNW, no? For a number of years, on the weekend after Thanksgiving, you could find me wearing this flannel, giving a fresh cut to the bottoms of dozens of evergreen trees, hoisting them to the roofs of hundreds of vehicles and securing them with twine to watch them drive off to their new homes where they would be adorned with baubles and Santas and surrounded by the echoes of joyful laughter. I loved working at the nursery all year round, but Christmastime was the best.

This year I won’t so much be surrounded by handsaws nor covered in pine sap but I’m starting to feel the holiday love all the same! Because…helloooo full-term baby!! Yes, she will be arriving earthside in very short order. I just have to keep my knees squeezed and maybe hang upside down a  bit until Dec 5, when my IPs arrive in town with GS1 to celebrate the holidays here in lovely San Diego and welcome their newest angel. It’s only 8 more days, right?! I think I’ll be able to make it.  After the 5th this little stocking stuffer has the green light to shoot clear on down this ol’ chimney. We will all be anxiously waiting! If I don’t go into labor naturally before school gets out (the 16th for my kids this year) I really hope my OB is still on board with induction the week before X-mas. At the last appointment she said we could talk about it more as things got closer, so perhaps next week I’ll know for sure. 3 more weeks to go! I’m definitely looking forward to having a holiday themed alcoholic beverage and sleeping on my stomach once again. Need to get those lights up on the tree first!


hyvää päivää week 34

Checking in with 6 weeks left until our due date. The finish line is in sight. I’m running out of ways to say hello in different languages. We will be saying hello to baby girl soon enough! Speaking of finish lines, my family walked a 5K fundraising race (non-competitive) for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation yesterday and at 8 months pregnant Im quite proud of myself for going out there and doing that! I was a little nervous all that walking might send me into labor, but no such luck.

Im fortunate to have some projects going forth into the next year, like officially starting my Masters degree program! There’s a stereotype out there about surrogates that once the baby is born we go into this period of loss and mourning and while the experience varies for everyone, I don’t believe that to be the case at all for most surrogates. We have our own lives to get back to, our own families and projects to keep us busy just the same as the new parents are able to welcome their new family member(s) and adjust to that change. Life goes on…

If you have any suggestions for new ways to say hello I have yet to use I’d love to hear them! 😀

Boo?! Week Thirty Two

Peek-a-boo,I see you, Baby’s gettin’ big, We’re almost through…


Hope my IPs are getting ready. This is happening. Probably not next month given my history of being a slow cooker going post-date, but soooooon.

What else is new?

No carcinoma left on my leg, so that’s good! I got an A+ on my final paper on schizophrenia symptoms and treatment and finished with a solid A in the class. Allow me to be smug for a moment for earning a 4.0 GPA in my 30s, something I should have done 15 damn years ago, but c’est la vie. Monday is Halloween here and my little pumpkins are going as 1) a zombie bride 2) Rainbow Dash and 3) a robot. They’re excited. I’m getting excited for Thanksgiving and birthing time!! Things have gotten to the point where I have to perform some complicated gymnastics to get up from a prone or seated position. Baby seems quite comfy and my health checkups are all good so we stay preggers and carry on.