Monthly Archives: April 2017

Happy Transfer-versary!

Pretty hard to believe a year has gone by since the embryo transfer and the agony of the 2 week wait. I’ve been receiving updates on Little Miss in the form of pics and videos and I do declare, she is the cutest baby to ever baby it up!!! I mean, my kids were pretty cute babies, but lucky Mom and Dad have an absolute beauty. Wish I could claim some credit for that but hey, I was just the oven!

I’m almost done with my first full semester of Grad School. One down, four to go. It’s been busy, hence why I don’t come on here anymore, but I’m absolutely loving it and am so happy to have found a future career that suits me. I envy those who have what they want to do all figured out by the time they graduate high school. This was not the case for me AT ALL and although it took a couple moves and five babies later I finally got on the right course, I’ve enjoyed the little detours along the way.

I will probably end up deleting this blog over the summer since my surrogacy journey is done. Maybe I’ll convert it to a therapy blog, haha, not so sure that would be nearly as interesting. Will try to archive all our memories from here before I go. It was an incredible year and I’m looking forward to visiting both my surro-babies next year!!!