Monthly Archives: January 2017

A Happy Birthday

This entry has been a long time overdue. I wasn’t overdue though! We welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl on December 18th at 12:08 in the afternoon. She was placed in the arms of her mother and father with love and joy and gratitude for the amazing miracle of her life.

It was a beautiful, easy, comforting birth and I couldn’t have asked for things to have gone any differently. For the first time I went into the hospital in active labor all on my own without any pitocin or needing to induce things along. Contractions woke me up around 3 in the morning and we made the call to head in around 5:30. My intended parents arrived at 7:30-8 and she made her appearance just after noon! We spent the holidays together with some delightful company and made some amazing memories.

Surrogacy has been a wonderful experience for me not just once, but I’ve gotten lucky two times now! I’ve been feeling really good in the postpartum period and pumped milk for her while she was in town and am now going to donate the remainder to a local baby in need. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving!

It is so tempting to say yes, I would do this again and get pregnant in a heartbeat and help give someone the chance at their dream. I have loved the journey every step of the way but it’s time to take a break. I can’t say what the future holds and if a friend or relative were to approach me privately it’s something I would for sure consider. I’m taking the next couple years and focusing on me. On growing a career I am very excited about and finally¬†feeling like I’ve found my calling in life. On helping my daughter with her diabetes care. And gaining a foothold of independence in case the paths my husband and I are on become too divergent to reconcile.

From start to finish this journey has been amazing. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am that two kind and loving parents put their fullest trust in me to take care of the most precious cargo they’ll ever have. Being able to be there and a part of that moment when they finally met the beautiful little angel girl of their dreams made all the shots, the pains, the wacky hormones all the worthwhile.