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Boo?! Week Thirty Two

Peek-a-boo,I see you, Baby’s gettin’ big, We’re almost through…


Hope my IPs are getting ready. This is happening. Probably not next month given my history of being a slow cooker going post-date, but soooooon.

What else is new?

No carcinoma left on my leg, so that’s good! I got an A+ on my final paper on schizophrenia symptoms and treatment and finished with a solid A in the class. Allow me to be smug for a moment for earning a 4.0 GPA in my 30s, something I should have done 15 damn years ago, but c’est la vie. Monday is Halloween here and my little pumpkins are going as 1) a zombie bride 2) Rainbow Dash and 3) a robot. They’re excited. I’m getting excited for Thanksgiving and birthing time!! Things have gotten to the point where I have to perform some complicated gymnastics to get up from a prone or seated position. Baby seems quite comfy and my health checkups are all good so we stay preggers and carry on.



Habari Week 30!

We’ve reached the thirties!!

Oh wow, does it ever feel good to make it to Week 30. The end is well within sight! The summer months seemed to drag out and reaching the final leg of this journey felt like a distant dream, but look at how far we’ve come from a train ride up the Southern California coast to an IVF clinic one day back in April.

These past two weeks have seen doctors appointments galore as I had to go in and have a horrible growth on my leg examined and removed. What I thought was a wart ended up being something much worse. Note: try not self-treat skin growths with apple cider vinegar unless you know for sure they actually are warts. What else can possibly go wrong this pregnancy?? I shouldn’t tempt fate. Everything with the extraction went well though and it’s very unlikely to grow back.  I’m only 32 but in some ways it feels like I’m getting too old for this baby growing business. The baby, fortunately, is looking GREAT! Me? It’s been a bit of a rough go.

I’ve been enjoying this stage of the pregnancy though. That’s where the weird surrogacy part of this all comes in. Even though these unusual medical maladies keep happening, I am really, really happy to be 30 weeks pregnant. It’s fun getting to know this little person doing somersaults in my tummy and although she isnt my little person, I’m just so happy to help her get started. It will be so amazing to see her Mom and Dads faces when they finally get to meet her. That moment…is why I signed up for this whole gig in the first place. Ahhhh, happy hormones….

In other news, my oldest cutie lost her front tooth last night, the other one is close to falling out as well. All she really will want for Christmas this year is her two front teeth XD

Warning: gross picture of NOT a wart ahead :-/

Γεια σου Week 28

Month 7, baby, you’ve come a long way since the 4 years you spent as a frozen embryo. Now your birthdate creeps closer by another month and your Mom and Dad are getting more and more excited to meet you after the incredible journey you’ve made!

Yesterday we celebrated the anniversary of the birth of my littlest baby, who is not so little anymore at two years old and 28 pounds of rambunctious boy. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic at the memories of his birth (sniff* stop growing up so quickly!) as it’s the one most recent in my mind and I’ve been starting to think about the labor and delivery of this surrogate baby which will be here before we know it.

My son was born at 40w+3d and holds the title of heaviest baby thus far at nine pounds even. Oof. I don’t think this baby will be as large. I will be talking with the doctor about inducing at 39 weeks this time around. Is it considered selfish to try to have her here before Christmas? I don’t think I’ve ever made any demands or asked too much of my IPs to center the birth of their child around MY needs, but it would be really really great to be out of the hospital and spend Christmas Day with my family this year. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable to ask! (honestly I’m pretty sure IPs are okay with this as they’re looking forward to snuggling with her on Christmas too). I’m fully prepared to eat these words as this WOULD be the baby who decides to show up three weeks early when all the rest of them have been slow-cookers needing eviction.

People ask often if it’s hard for me to ‘give up’ the baby. I don’t ever think of it like that. I’m giving back, not giving up. Two years ago I pushed out a nine pound junior whopper cheeseburger and spent the next year and a half waking up at night to feed him. THEN once he finally was sleeping all night, we reverted back into newborn mode waking up to check blood sugars every morning at two. If it’s selfish to say I will greatly enjoy a full-nights sleep post-birth this time around then so be it!