Namaste Week 25

Hello heartburn my old friend,

You’ve come to torture me again…

I’ve been feeling a bit stressed out lately, which may have heralded the return of a not-so favorite pregnancy ailment, and this past Thursday decided enough was enough and I was overdue for a little me time. You could say I’ve never been good at “girling”. My makeup attempts are comical, usually giving a look every time that skirts the line between drag-queen-had-a-rough-night and Ursula the sea witch. I gave up on getting manicures and pedicures because having some sweet Vietnamese woman wash my dirty callused feet brings out the white “I promise I’m not the oppressor” guilt each time. When I needed to take a bit of the edge off from this week, I turned to some amazing skin care products my IM brought me as a very thoughtful gift and had an at-home spa night.

IM has amazing taste in beauty products! I would buy everything she suggested if she ever curated a list of must-have items. I felt soooo much better after an evening of self-care. I also took a kid-free morning to myself today and met up with a good friend for a healthy, invigorating breakfast and a peaceful walk just to watch the waves roll in at the beach. The light chill in the air and the smell of the saltwater helped me remember to slow down and take a couple deep breaths and remember that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes you need to do that for yourself every once in a while. On our walk, we passed by a lady who said on her way by, “you look absolutely beautiful pregnant!” What a kind compliment to pay a stranger. Hopefully this glowing, positive energy I’m now feeling can carry into the next week and HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER – you’ve arrived quickly!


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