Privyet Weeks 23&24

Things have fallen into this routine around here of school, homework, soccer, sleep, repeat, so I won’t be updating as often unless something out of the ordinary happens, but really, this is going to be our lives for the next 16 weeks.

Happy to be 24 weeks today. I think many pregnant women breathe a sigh of relief making it to the magic week number more commonly referred to as viability. Every detail about my health is still worth talking with the doctor about, but know what? I did it! I made it so far as to give baby a chance to make it on her own and get her into Mom and Dads arms. Every week from here on out, her chances of surviving and obtaining healthy baby status go up. We also have our PBO–that’s pre-birth order–papers getting drawn up and ready to go to the judge to sign. If for any reason I have to go in and have an emergency delivery, I’m sure the lawyers will have to bust their butts to get a rush on that–but since all is going smoothly and there have been no more scary bleeds or other problems, I expect to be signing my portion of the PBO before the end of the month.

It’s been exciting to feel baby’s kicks get A LOT stronger. She’s feisty! And very active. Curious to know how her Mom and Dad will feel about that one!

Ive been going through some personal/marriage challenges, but, I’m optimistic on those fronts and hope things will resolve in a way so that our family can move forward in a positive direction. Things stand at a crossroads right now and I’m not sure of the right direction. Been saying a lot of prayers and keeping the faith that it will all work out. In other news, my class starts on Monday and I’m excited about it.


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