¿Que Pasa Weeks 21&22?!

These past two weeks have been mighty, pleasurable, intense, chaotic, celebratory, but most of all…very memorable. I can’t begin to describe what a joy it was to have my IM and GS1 little guy out for a visit for a couple days. Having them be able to share in the experience of the anatomy scan and getting to see our GS2 little lady kick around on the monitor was incredible! I know it was an amazing and emotional moment for IM. Expecting your second child (or third, or fourth) is by all means just as exciting as waiting for your first. There’s a brand new person cooking in there with their own individual likes and dislikes. Maybe they will have a goofy giggle or oddly shaped toenails (like my son, haha!) – who knows! All the things an ultrasound doesn’t reveal is what parents-to-be dream about. When you’re having your second or third or fourth however, you do have a bit of experience under your belt now and have a slightly better grasp on what you’re getting yourself into. Although, as a parent of 3, all from the same two DNA contributing sources, I’ll be the first to admit that surprises abound no matter how the genetic deck gets shuffled. The great news from Monday’s scan is that baby is measuring and growing right on track, everything appears normal with her cord, placenta and water levels, and my cervix is high and closed like a steel bear trap. My intended parents will be welcoming a very healthy baby this Fall/Winter – and with our due date, she could very well be a Solstice baby.

Their visit was a wonderful warm-up to the big show and I’m so thankful as a surrogate to have a close connection and relationship to my intended family. Not all surrogacies go this way, nor do they have to – it’s completely your preference to keep things strictly transactional or not. Surrogate and Intended Family relationships run the gamut from terrible and estranged to BFFs for life. I feel very lucky ours has developed into a close and special bond between both our families that IM felt comfortable enough putting up with our chaos for several days! It’s going to be so much fun having them back in December.

It feels like we’ve now entered the final phase for how things will go up to the birth. My older two have started back in all-day school. I go back to school early September. Appointments will start every other week come mid-October. Baby will keep growing (she was already one pound according to the ultrasound!) and I’ll continue to do my best to cook her as long as possible.

Heres a little glimpse of some of our adventures these past two weeks. I had some fun working on the florals for my Grandmothers 90th birthday. Floral design is sort of my day-job which I may have to pick-up more hours doing come the near future, but we will see about that. There’s  enough on my plate right now to keep me busy for a while.

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