Konnichiwa Week 19!

Its difficult to hold back when your husband wants to go out for sushi for his birthday dinner, and you’re pregnant and can’t exactly eat…sushi. Well, not the good extra-raw kind anyway. But…I made do with some delicious Japanese food on Saturday night and still had an enjoyable night out to celebrate his 33rd birthday.

As each day passes, we get closer to the halfway mark! Wow, where has the time gone? Our big anatomy scan is scheduled for Monday the 15th, that will technically be the 21st week but since we already know baby’s gender there isn’t quite the feeling of anticipation to have the appointment get here as quickly as possible.

Besides, it will be very worth the wait because I have some wonderful news to share…my IM and baby’s big brother are coming out to visit for the anatomy scan!!! What a treat for them to see this sweet lady on the big screen in person. I’m so happy and excited to get to see them!! It will be a brief visit but such a good one. There will be some giant hugs involved. Can’t wait!

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