Merhaba Week 17

Can you feel me now?

Baby kicks!

Yes, yes I finally can. Such a reassuring feeling. They’re hard to distinguish at first, like tiny bubbles popping up against a wall, but they’ll become stronger as time goes on. What a fun milestone to share with my IM!

This week it feels like the exhaustion has returned. Boo! I’ve been tired again lately and should try harder on pushing through. Naps are such a blessing but hard to squeeze in with 3 little kids. We took an outing to the zoo this week and have gone swimming every day. As baby grows, I’m appreciating the pool more and more. Too bad we’re going against the seasons here. Taking a dip in an unheated pool mid-December may be an act  of desperation when we get that far.

Missing coffee so hard right now.

It’s allllll worth it in the end.

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