Kia Ora Week 16

Getting a bit behind on our updates. To be honest I’ve been completely on edge since the bleeding incident 2 weeks ago, I haven’t had much time to relax; or get a chance to celebrate the A I earned in my Psych class last week. Woot, I guess?!

Well, here we are at 16 weeks. I made it to our OB appointment on Monday and asked the doctor her opinion why I might have bled out like that with baby still chill in there. She wasn’t sure either and unfortunately isn’t a future teller and can’t say whether it is likely to happen again. So, we will keep our fingers crossed and hope for NO MORE SCARY BLEEDS!!

I’m trying to let my anxiety ease up a bit and it helped after checking  out the baby on Monday. The OB office has one of those hi-def 3D rendering ultrasound that makes baby look like someone was scanning the surface of Mars and discovered an alien life form. I think my intended parents can start to relax a bit more as well. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be far away when things like this happen! We saw a good omen on our drive home from the appointment following behind this truck on the highway with ‘you are loved! <3’ tagged in white letters on the back. D’awww!! Baby Girl is SO loved and I know Mom and Dad can’t wait to hold and kiss her and tell her exactly that.

Happy that things are back to normal, for the most part, this week. And yes, this IS a new bathroom selfie destination! Places to go…washrooms to utilize. The life of a surrogate is so very glamorous.


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