Guten Tag Week 14

Go yodel it on a mountain, we’ve officially reached Trimester 2!

I also ‘officially’ announced the pregnancy to friends and family yesterday. It makes things easier when I run into folks and they don’t have to ask awkward questions like, “soooo, four kids, huh?” “Thinkin about starting up that family band, err, orchestra?” or a make a variety of other snide remarks about families who have more than two children and can clearly see another on the way. Vagina = clown car! Hardy har har!! Much hilarity and originality!!

Luckily most friends and family have responded positively to surrogacy (afaik) or at least they have the good sense to keep any nasty opinions to themselves. When it comes to opinions, there are only two I take into account: 1) my husbands and 2) my intended parents.

It was a relatively slow week here on the homefront as we get ready for a family road and camping trip in two. We’ve been enjoying some UEFA European soccer championships and you can venture a guess for which team we hope to win it all. Actually, the voting is split amongst the adults with one of us going for the Spanish, but the swing vote came from the kids who think Germany has the better uniforms. Silly kids!


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