Salaam Alaikom Week 12

Looks like I’m a day late on weekly updates, but some weeks everything piles on and happens all at the same time – as was the case last week. From turning in a big midterm paper, to last day of school parties, graduation ceremonies, dance recitals, and a family get together I wasn’t aware was happening until two nights before, things were pretty dang busy around here. The calm after the storm of frenzy has been a nice reprieve.

Still pregnant. Things are still trucking along fine in that arena. It’s hard to believe the second trimester starts next week!! Baby is 33% downloaded. I’m looking forward to the exhaustion going away and hopefully getting more energy back. Have our first OB appointment July 11 so that’s something to look forward to as well.

Yesterday was emotionally draining. Newtown happened halfway through my first surrogacy three years ago and now Orlando. I don’t know what else can be said, except when will we as a society say ‘enough’? Will it be when the politicians children don’t come home after a night of fun and enjoying life? I just don’t know. It’s all growing so wearisome. Be kind to one another this week. We all hope, dream, fear, and love alike. Peace. Here are some happy children.

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