Howdy Do? Week 11

Heeeeeeere she is, Miss Ameeeeeerica….

Kinda sorta? Our now 11 week baby girl seems to have mastered the pageant wave already. Or maybe she was just giving fistbumps to Mom and Dad for being awesome.

It was great to get a healthy report from our scan this Friday. I’m soooo glad I ended up waiting and doing this locally. The ultrasound tech I had was a sweetheart and took a bunch of photos. She was stoked on surrogate pregnancy and I wouldn’t have had quite the good experience had I gone to the LA clinic, so yayayay!

The fetal development that occurs between weeks 7 and 10 is absolutely astonishing. 3 weeks ago we were able to see a circlish blur, but now a person has definitely started to take shape. Amazing!

This is my kids and husbands last week of school before summer break – soooooo looking forward to a lot of swimming, zoo camps, and a road trip on the horizon. Baby Coco is in for a fun next couple months. I am also amazed at how much the circumstances of your life can change over the course of a full-term pregnancy, a lot can happen in 40 weeks and I look forward to reading back on all this 6 months from now seeing how far we’ve come.

I have to constantly keep reminding myself to continue to eating healthy and I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far  – check out these zucchini squash fritters with tomato and Thai basil chutney and lemony millet. Super delicious and healthy!

have a great week and if summer break is on the horizon for you too I hope it’s an enjoyable one!!




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