Aloha Week 10!

We made it into double digits! Woo-wee! Apparently Week 10 is the week when my pregnancy cravings hit full-strength?

I define a craving as something specific that comes on out of the blue, usually for something very random that I haven’t eaten in ages. This time it was for….

Pina Coladas?!?

Im not exactly sure where this one came from but I reeeeeallly want something pineapple-y, coconutty, and frozen. Non-alcoholic of course. Preferably decorated with a little umbrella. But dang, a cold slushy tropical drink sounds very good right about now.

This appears to fit into my great cravings/gender theory scheme. When I had girls, I was constantly craving the sweet stuff. With the boys, it was savory.

Girl #1: Root Beer Float

Girl #2: Giant blueberry muffin with cream cheese frosting

Boy #1: Grilled cheddar cheese sandwich dipped in tomato bisque soup

Boy #2: Rare steak with Johnnys Seasoning Salt

Hmmm….did I mention our little 10 weeker is female?!?

Yay team pink!!

We knew this already as my IPs had PGS screening on their embryos – when I went in for our transfer four years ago and the doctors thought we were transferring twins (NOPE!) there was one boy and one girl embryo. The boy is now three years old soooooooo, guess who’s now on deck?!

We will be getting another peek at this little lady at our scan later this week. Looking forward to it.

I think at the very end, when the pregnancy is all said and done, I’m going to take my family on a nice week-long vacation to Hawaii and get myself a real Pina Colada. Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. That will be just about perfect. Have a super week.


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2 responses to “Aloha Week 10!

  • Tonya

    Aloha my friend! I love reading your posts!!!! Hope you pick Maui!!!!

    I think you are amazing! !!!

    • Helen

      Hehehe – we have three friends to visit all on Maui (you guys have the best island) !! It’s looking like it may be Big Island this trip though, but we could maybe swing a quick visit 🙂 😀

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