Hallo Woche 9

I am a bad surrogate this week. Often in a surrogacy arrangement, perhaps for the majority of surrogates, there will be a need to travel – especially in the early stages. I’ve certainly done my fair share over the past two months, getting to and from our RE office in Los Angeles. My travel has been dependent on the willingness and availability of others to provide childcare during these appointments and transportation getting me to and from the airport or train station. Our childcare has been split between my husband graciously taking off a day of work and a part-time babysitter we were able to find to help out on appointment days. Transportation has been kindly provided by my brother, a current LA resident, whom I always enjoy a nice lunch and catch up session with. I am so thankful for my family who have pitched in and helped us out with this.

But sometimes the pieces don’t line up just right. I was supposed to have a follow up scan this week to check babies growth, fetal heart rate, and perhaps some other things they need to measure.  This would normally work out, except we couldn’t get the babysitter and I feel so guilty asking my husband to take yet another day off within two weeks, and my chauffeur brother is out of town all week in business. No problem – I can set up an outpatient scan locally, right? Well, slacker me waited too long to make an appointment and the earliest the local place has to book an appointment time is next Friday.

I feel bad for procrastinating and while I don’t think it matters to the clinic whether we get a 9 week scan vs 10 week scan – I still feel guilty for not being able to adhere to the right schedule.

My instict is telling me everything will work out just fine in the end, and if I tick off the REs office for not going in this exact week…well, that may just be how things have gotta be. It’s the last appointment anyway so it’s not like I’ll have to see them again. To be honest, I don’t like the RE very much. Things were very disorganized as far as my appointments went there and the staff acted rather stand-offish. I do better with friendly people, but hey, you know what? They got their job done, I’m moving on and out, and my IPs are ecstatic to welcome their new bundle of joy come December, and that’s all that matters.

Finishing up the last few weeks of school here and looking forward to summer break. Im eager to conquer our laundry pile as the first item of business once my husband finishes teaching. Man, 3 kids makes a lot of laundry. Until next week…

This is a photo my daughter drew that I feel accurately represents my “what can you do?” attitude this week.


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