Ciao Week 8! (Ciao Bella!)

Counting up and counting down this week.

We made exciting progress – like counting up to 150 – baby’s heartbeat in beats per minute on our first ultrasound, and 12.4 mm – baby’s length, which equates to 7w3d in development which we happened to measure on…7 weeks and 3 days! Perfect! We can also confirm that our successful SET also showed us ONE sac and ONE fetus. I admit, I’m so relieved to not be carrying multiples…phew. In my contract I stated I was willing, but, one at a time is a lot easier.

Counting down…approximately two  weeks to go until I ‘graduate’ from the fertility clinic and stop the shots! Woohoo! I will transition to a regular OB, which I’ll need to do some research picking a new one pretty soon, since our doctor who attended little Bs birth has since retired. Good for him! But, I’ll need to find a new doc.

Counting down…another 7 weeks, which are what is left in my first session back at school! 8 weeks is a FAST academic session, I don’t think it’s a full semester, let alone a quarter. So I’ve got to grind it out and get a good grade. Im going back to school to work on an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy with a 1/2 year longer extra credentialing program in Clinical Counseling. Turns out to go into the counseling field you need to have some Psychology coursework in your background (of which I have none). Huh, whoulda thunk?! So, I’m taking 3 sessions of introductory psych prerequisites this summer before my program officially begins. I’m going to be a busy lady while my husbands off of teaching.

Counting down…until our big due date! Our due date is so convenient, I will always know how many weeks to go until Christmas. Hint: 32. No need to start the shopping panic quite yet. Unless you’re super motivated like that.

Here are some photos from my appointment day in Los Angeles and also a great pregnancy bathroom selfie! I was always self conscious about taking these due to me packing the chunk in multiple trunks, and at only 8 weeks the only baby is my ‘food baby’ but who cares?! This is my last pregnancy and I may as well enjoy the journey for all that it is. Thanks for letting me share it with y’all.


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