Hola Week 6

Another week notched in the record book, and one more to go until the first ultrasound.

Week 5 Highlights:

Yesterday marked the anniversary of my 32nd trip around the sun, yet another one spent pregnant. 4 of my last 7 birthdays have been sober birthdays, but I don’t mind. I don’t need substance to have a good time. Our family attended our towns local Renaissance Faire and had a lot of fun. They had lots of activities for the kids such as shield painting and rat tossing with an Orc and many many people in costumes. My older girls had a good time and at 4 1/2 and 6 are just the right ages to attend more events like this in the future. I am hoping to take them to SDCC this year (not actually pay the outrageous price of tickets) but just go down there and people watch. They’d be into all the pageantry, perhaps even want to join in on the cosplay.

So, yeah, another birthday…

Want to know something neat about turning 32?

So, this is my fifth pregnancy: 3+2

This will also be my 2nd gestational surrogacy: 3 my own babies + 2 surrobabes

It’s all random but I thought it was kind of interesting!

My injection rash has improved. I didn’t switch oils or anything, although I probably should have told them. There are still bumps that pop up after I get the shot, but at least it isn’t red and angry looking anymore and they go away after 2-3 days. It’s not the progesterone that causes this allergic reaction, but the sesame oil it’s contained in and you can ask to switch to a different carrier oil.

Week 5 Lowlights:

Not really anything bad happened this week. Hmmm.  My toddler is cutting some new teeth, and when he does, he these cold symptoms without actually catching a cold (runny nose, watery eyes, etc). Hopefully those will break through soon and he can stop being a leaky snot faucet.

All going good in pregnancy land this week. I’m so looking forward to the 11th!!

here is a glimpse of the Faire Funne, hope you all have another great week!!

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