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Aloha Week 10!

We made it into double digits! Woo-wee! Apparently Week 10 is the week when my pregnancy cravings hit full-strength?

I define a craving as something specific that comes on out of the blue, usually for something very random that I haven’t eaten in ages. This time it was for….

Pina Coladas?!?

Im not exactly sure where this one came from but I reeeeeallly want something pineapple-y, coconutty, and frozen. Non-alcoholic of course. Preferably decorated with a little umbrella. But dang, a cold slushy tropical drink sounds very good right about now.

This appears to fit into my great cravings/gender theory scheme. When I had girls, I was constantly craving the sweet stuff. With the boys, it was savory.

Girl #1: Root Beer Float

Girl #2: Giant blueberry muffin with cream cheese frosting

Boy #1: Grilled cheddar cheese sandwich dipped in tomato bisque soup

Boy #2: Rare steak with Johnnys Seasoning Salt

Hmmm….did I mention our little 10 weeker is female?!?

Yay team pink!!

We knew this already as my IPs had PGS screening on their embryos – when I went in for our transfer four years ago and the doctors thought we were transferring twins (NOPE!) there was one boy and one girl embryo. The boy is now three years old soooooooo, guess who’s now on deck?!

We will be getting another peek at this little lady at our scan later this week. Looking forward to it.

I think at the very end, when the pregnancy is all said and done, I’m going to take my family on a nice week-long vacation to Hawaii and get myself a real Pina Colada. Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. That will be just about perfect. Have a super week.


Hallo Woche 9

I am a bad surrogate this week. Often in a surrogacy arrangement, perhaps for the majority of surrogates, there will be a need to travel – especially in the early stages. I’ve certainly done my fair share over the past two months, getting to and from our RE office in Los Angeles. My travel has been dependent on the willingness and availability of others to provide childcare during these appointments and transportation getting me to and from the airport or train station. Our childcare has been split between my husband graciously taking off a day of work and a part-time babysitter we were able to find to help out on appointment days. Transportation has been kindly provided by my brother, a current LA resident, whom I always enjoy a nice lunch and catch up session with. I am so thankful for my family who have pitched in and helped us out with this.

But sometimes the pieces don’t line up just right. I was supposed to have a follow up scan this week to check babies growth, fetal heart rate, and perhaps some other things they need to measure.  This would normally work out, except we couldn’t get the babysitter and I feel so guilty asking my husband to take yet another day off within two weeks, and my chauffeur brother is out of town all week in business. No problem – I can set up an outpatient scan locally, right? Well, slacker me waited too long to make an appointment and the earliest the local place has to book an appointment time is next Friday.

I feel bad for procrastinating and while I don’t think it matters to the clinic whether we get a 9 week scan vs 10 week scan – I still feel guilty for not being able to adhere to the right schedule.

My instict is telling me everything will work out just fine in the end, and if I tick off the REs office for not going in this exact week…well, that may just be how things have gotta be. It’s the last appointment anyway so it’s not like I’ll have to see them again. To be honest, I don’t like the RE very much. Things were very disorganized as far as my appointments went there and the staff acted rather stand-offish. I do better with friendly people, but hey, you know what? They got their job done, I’m moving on and out, and my IPs are ecstatic to welcome their new bundle of joy come December, and that’s all that matters.

Finishing up the last few weeks of school here and looking forward to summer break. Im eager to conquer our laundry pile as the first item of business once my husband finishes teaching. Man, 3 kids makes a lot of laundry. Until next week…

This is a photo my daughter drew that I feel accurately represents my “what can you do?” attitude this week.


Ciao Week 8! (Ciao Bella!)

Counting up and counting down this week.

We made exciting progress – like counting up to 150 – baby’s heartbeat in beats per minute on our first ultrasound, and 12.4 mm – baby’s length, which equates to 7w3d in development which we happened to measure on…7 weeks and 3 days! Perfect! We can also confirm that our successful SET also showed us ONE sac and ONE fetus. I admit, I’m so relieved to not be carrying multiples…phew. In my contract I stated I was willing, but, one at a time is a lot easier.

Counting down…approximately two  weeks to go until I ‘graduate’ from the fertility clinic and stop the shots! Woohoo! I will transition to a regular OB, which I’ll need to do some research picking a new one pretty soon, since our doctor who attended little Bs birth has since retired. Good for him! But, I’ll need to find a new doc.

Counting down…another 7 weeks, which are what is left in my first session back at school! 8 weeks is a FAST academic session, I don’t think it’s a full semester, let alone a quarter. So I’ve got to grind it out and get a good grade. Im going back to school to work on an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy with a 1/2 year longer extra credentialing program in Clinical Counseling. Turns out to go into the counseling field you need to have some Psychology coursework in your background (of which I have none). Huh, whoulda thunk?! So, I’m taking 3 sessions of introductory psych prerequisites this summer before my program officially begins. I’m going to be a busy lady while my husbands off of teaching.

Counting down…until our big due date! Our due date is so convenient, I will always know how many weeks to go until Christmas. Hint: 32. No need to start the shopping panic quite yet. Unless you’re super motivated like that.

Here are some photos from my appointment day in Los Angeles and also a great pregnancy bathroom selfie! I was always self conscious about taking these due to me packing the chunk in multiple trunks, and at only 8 weeks the only baby is my ‘food baby’ but who cares?! This is my last pregnancy and I may as well enjoy the journey for all that it is. Thanks for letting me share it with y’all.


Bonjour Week 7

There are so many different realities in our world, over seven billion to be exact, and the amazing, absolutely humbling thing when you think about it, is that all those realities began the exact same way. We all came from a woman who gestated us in her womb long enough for us to make it out there on our own; for some who arrived to the party a little early, medical technological advancement helped as well to varying degrees.

Today, on this Day of the Mother, it is my hope and wish for the soon to be 5 children I’ve helped bring into this world that they all experience life to their fullest potential. When I get down on myself about a career that was a non-starter (I mean, career advancement potential wasn’t exactly white hot in 2009) or how my kids have to make do with far less than I had as a child and getting into a funk about life not being upwardly mobile for us, I have to stop and realize there is no better time to be living than right now. There isn’t. The world is at its most peaceful time in history. People of past ages had things far worse with famine and disease and war. Even pending the results of what could be a disastrous election, there still exists the hope and possibility for our children’s generation to make things better – for themselves, and for the planet. Our original mother, the one we call home, is getting sicker and warmer every year. For the sake of my children and their children after them, we have to practice mindfulness and realize the repercussions of what comes after a misguided grab for instant gratification.

This Mothers Day I’m reminded of the responsibility bestowed upon mothers to light the way and set a good example for our children. A mother is not defined by the woman who births you. She is the woman who is watched and studied by an impressionable mind for hours of the day. She teaches and guides by her words and unspoken actions. My heart overflows with gratitude for my mother, and her mother before her, who helped make me the woman I am today, and for all the women I know making the world a better place for the next generation. For those who are still on the journey to motherhood: you are not forgotten today. Your courage to soldier on through the heartbreak is beyond admirable. I hope this is the year your miracle arrives – if I have any good, sticky baby dust to give, its all yours!

Many blessings to you all and to the woman you call Mom today.


Hola Week 6

Another week notched in the record book, and one more to go until the first ultrasound.

Week 5 Highlights:

Yesterday marked the anniversary of my 32nd trip around the sun, yet another one spent pregnant. 4 of my last 7 birthdays have been sober birthdays, but I don’t mind. I don’t need substance to have a good time. Our family attended our towns local Renaissance Faire and had a lot of fun. They had lots of activities for the kids such as shield painting and rat tossing with an Orc and many many people in costumes. My older girls had a good time and at 4 1/2 and 6 are just the right ages to attend more events like this in the future. I am hoping to take them to SDCC this year (not actually pay the outrageous price of tickets) but just go down there and people watch. They’d be into all the pageantry, perhaps even want to join in on the cosplay.

So, yeah, another birthday…

Want to know something neat about turning 32?

So, this is my fifth pregnancy: 3+2

This will also be my 2nd gestational surrogacy: 3 my own babies + 2 surrobabes

It’s all random but I thought it was kind of interesting!

My injection rash has improved. I didn’t switch oils or anything, although I probably should have told them. There are still bumps that pop up after I get the shot, but at least it isn’t red and angry looking anymore and they go away after 2-3 days. It’s not the progesterone that causes this allergic reaction, but the sesame oil it’s contained in and you can ask to switch to a different carrier oil.

Week 5 Lowlights:

Not really anything bad happened this week. Hmmm.  My toddler is cutting some new teeth, and when he does, he these cold symptoms without actually catching a cold (runny nose, watery eyes, etc). Hopefully those will break through soon and he can stop being a leaky snot faucet.

All going good in pregnancy land this week. I’m so looking forward to the 11th!!

here is a glimpse of the Faire Funne, hope you all have another great week!!