Hello Week 5!

And so begins the journey of Baby Coco and Auntie Helen. We’ve already started our adventure on a positive foot and I’m so excited to find out what the next ~35 weeks have in store!

Week 4 Highlights:

Getting back such a strong number on our beta result was for sure the high point of the week. I was a little nervous starting out at 64, but seeing that we more than doubled in 48 hours was a huge relief. I never found any definitive research about frozen embryos being slower starters than fresh ones, but it’s definitely a possible explanation and hopefully anyone who reads this who is worried about getting a number that starts out low can be reassured that anything is possible, so keep the faith!

We now hang out for the next two weeks until the first ultrasound May 11 to confirm heartbeat. That will be week 7, also when my first online class to earn my MA MFT starts back up, so it will be a busy week! Will just be biding my time until then, starting to feel more and more sleepy. It felt very good to take a 3 hour nap today. Exhaustion is my strongest early pregnancy symptom and it has hit full force.

Week 4 Lowlight:

My itchy, itchy butt.

What gives? I don’t remember having this happen in the previous IVF  pregnancy (did I block it out?!) The PIO – progesterone in oil injections – are causing these welt like hives to appear at the injection site, and like a mosquito bite, it feels sooooo good to scratch. I shouldn’t, but man, I’ve been butt scratching non-stop. Each one goes away after about two days, but since I’m still on daily injections, a new one pops right up to take its place. Ah, the joys of TMI in pregnancy.

I never took progressive bump photos with any of my other pregnancies, but since this will in all likelihood be my last hurrah, I kinda want to take them to see my body changes this time around. None this week though, I’ll wait til the ultrasound happens to start. Have a beautiful week everyone!! All the apple trees are in blossom right now and the hills are a sage green. Spring is a lovely season here.

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