The Pee Test Express

All aboard the emotional rollercoaster of the pee test express! In order to ride, your hormones must be raging and you better be prepared to accept that as easily as the pee test giveth, it can just as soon taketh away. Warning: if you’re not careful, you may also get wet.

On Day 5 and the morning of 6, I tested to a BUN – Big Ugly Negative. It wasn’t even a  big fat negative because there was nothing there to call fat. In the immense hormonal and emotional state I’m in right now, I emailed IM because I know she’s just as much on pins and needles waiting as I am, to let her know the result and all my anxieties about what could cause a failed transfer. Yesterday afternoon, after a tearful but optimistic phone call (they still have one embryo still in play from the last cycle, so not all hope is lost!) I went ahead and used the last HPT in the package and lo and behold, the faintest of faint lines appeared! It was barely there, but even I couldn’t miss it.

Baby! I hope that hearing your Moms voice made you go, “hey! I’m here! Stop talking bad about me being slow or non-existent. I’ll make myself known when I damn well please. Mama, please keep talking to me. I love hearing your voice .”

I went out to procure another pee stick for my arsenal this morning, hoping to see a stronger line. While it wasn’t as blazing flamboyant pink as I was hoping for, there’s definitely a darker line.


Moral of this tale: if you choose to take HPTs and discover on day 5 after a 5 day transfer (the first day when a lot of women report a positive HPT result) a BFN – DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!!  It’s not over until the BETA levels come back (even then, I’ve read stories of extremely low levels resulting into a pregnancy). This is my completely unscientific theory, but maybe it just takes the frozen embryos an extra day or so to warm back up.

I really really hope that line gets darker tomorrow and we’re not looking at a possibility of a chemical pregnancy. Please hang in there, little angel! We are all praying for you!

My Beta test will be Monday.

I always want the weekend go on forever, but with this waiting, it will be the longest weekend of my life.


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