Two Week Wait

Here’s a list of five fun and relaxing things you can do while you wait out the time between your embryo transfer and a pregnancy test.

  1. Marathon a new streaming series (Vikings!)
  2. Take your kids out to a movie (I hear Zootopia is quite entertaining for children and adults alike)
  3. Heck, take yourself and a partner or pal to a movie
  4. Check out a fun touristy area of your city (Seaport Village!) and go in allllll the tschotke shops
  5. Call up your Grandma, or older relative if applicable, and take them out to lunch. Listen to stories about the good old days. That could take up some serious time.

Well, these are all things I SHOULD be doing instead of poring over Wikipedia pages on embryo implantation, scouring deep into internet searches for “implantation symptoms” and every time I lie down, questioning every twinge, “was that a cramp? I think it totally felt like a cramp.”

Once you’ve gotten to the point of wondering if your pinopodes are waving ‘hi’to the passing embryoblast and if that new embryo is hatching out of its zona  pellucida like a young spring chickadee, well, my friend you have delved too far into the anxiety of the two week waiting period.

Take deep breaths. Relax. Whatever will be, will be. (She tells herself).


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