What Are Injections Like For A FET Surrogate Pregnancy?

So, you’re a surrogate having your first Frozen Embryo Transfer? One thing to keep in mind is that every clinic follows their own set routine as far as what type of injection medicine you take and setting up a calendar goes. Some clinics will have you take Lupron. Some, like mine, will not. Much also depends on the individual, and your body, so with regard to any kind of a standard or typical medication routine, your mileage may vary.

Here is what my calendar for this cycle looks like:

March 2 – period start

March 3 – begin hormonal birth control

March 13 – stop bc

March 18 – clinic appointment, uterine lining check, begin Delestrogen 2x weekly, begin antibiotic doxycycline for 1 week

March 24 – Estrogen (E2) blood test level check

April 1 – Estrogen (E2) level check, uterine lining check, continue with Delestrogen 2x weekly

April 3 – begin Progesterone daily with 1cc injection

April 4 – up Progesterone to 2cc

April 8 – Embryo Transfer Day ! Arrive at clinic 1 hour early, take 10 mg Valium to help relax uterus during transfer procedure while at clinic

April 9 — continue with daily progesterone until ~10 weeks pregnant

April 22 – BETA/positive pregnancy blood test check (!!)

There’s a lot to remember when going through a FET cycle in a gestational surrogacy! I’ve set a timer on my phone at 8 pm every night to remind myself if I’ve taken the right medication that day, and if I haven’t yet, as a reminder to administer it. Whatever helps you so you don’t end up skipping a day.

Drawing up your medication with a syringe is an interesting process with two different gauge needles to work with and two different volume syringes. It’s very important to remember to draw up estrogen with the ONE ML syringe (not the three ml, which is used for progesterone). Making the mistake of over-injecting could throw the whole cycle off, and you certainly wouldn’t want to do that right at the beginning! Definitely double check the volume on the syringe you use.

I draw the estrogen up with a pink toned 18 gauge needle (huge) and switch to a black toned 22 gauge (still huge, but quite as big as the 18g) to inject. The needles screw on and off the syringe when you’re ready to swap them out.

I spared you all the sight of putting a photo of my butt on the internet, but in choosing your injection site, you want to make sure it’s in the upper quadrant of your buttocks, administering the oil directly into your hip muscle. It’s helpful to have another adult give the shot for you, if you’re not confident giving it to yourself. If there isn’t anyone else around, I’ve heard it can be helpful to draw out a spot with a washable marker or eyeliner pencil while checking your own ass out in the mirror beforehand, just to give you a target to aim at. Draw the needle back slightly after you inject to make sure there isn’t any blood and you didn’t hit a vein and then fully depress the plunger to administer the oil.

Fun times, right!? Definitely keep all the IVF injection supplies out of the reach of children and you should be good to go.



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One response to “What Are Injections Like For A FET Surrogate Pregnancy?

  • The EcoFeminist

    Exact same process as those like me going through donor egg IVF. I strongly recommend anyone doing the IM “booty shots” to look at the Sher Fertility video – we found it and my husband did the shots and was eternally grateful. 🙂

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