I try not to bore folks with the non-surrogacy, extraneous comings-and-goings on of my life, but I have some good news I figured, “why not share?” as it will be taking up a good portion of my time spent hopefully pregnant. I was accepted (provisionally!) into the graduate program I applied for, provided I knock out a couple Psychology undergraduate prerequisite courses beginning in a couple weeks and over the summer. This is exciting as it is a step forward towards my post-surrogate, post-stay at home mom life. My youngest, and last kid, is full into the toddler stage – and while he still needs a lot of attention, he’s growing more self-sufficient every day. I’ve been very lucky to be able to have this time with my children in their infancy and childhood and I have to admit, it’s a little exciting to now stand on the precipice of a completely new phase of life.

So, there’s that bit, and I also have a clinic appointment this Friday to check if I’m ready to begin the hormone injection portion of the cycle. April 8th is quickly approaching.

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