I’ve been laying low these past couple days ever since receiving that MMR II booster. It’s completely knocked me flat. All those “possible” symptoms – umm, definitely got them. All. Swollen glands? Joint pain and stiffness? Sore throat? Low grade fever? Check to all of the above.

The clinic wants me to have rubella immunity, so, hope this gets the job done. My voice sounds so fried, I think I’m speaking in a lower register than my husband right now.

But, in good news, I have my official calendar all laid out for the FET (frozen embryo transfer) AND OUR T-DAY! April 8th! Yay, the day we’ve all been waiting for is fast approaching. Knowing that’s something to look forward to makes my sampler platter of cold and flu and Kardashian Vocal Fry symptoms slightly more tolerable.

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