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Hurry Up, And Wait

It’s been said that a surrogate pregnancy is one big game of “hurry up and wait”. Well, I am certainly in the hurry up portion of this journey – looking down on two weeks until transfer date, which, hopefully, all goes well and I will be pregnant the duration of the year. Since we started the cycle meds, I have one appointment each week, and just had Estrogen levels checked today. Next Friday, one week out, it’s back to Los Angeles for a lining check and to confirm the Rubella shot worked and then the one week countdown to transfer day. Everything has to be checked at exact times. I’m not sure why the estradiol levels in my blood had to be checked at precisely 9 am on this Thursday, but wherever the cycle falls is how they need to obtain this number at this exact time. Hurry up, get to those appointments, lest my body gives some inaccurate reading. These next two weeks will fly by. And then, what is known as “the two week wait” – two weeks after transfer before I can confirm with an HCG blood test whether I’m actually pregnant or not. My co-parenting life partner has been very supportive in helping provide childcare for me to get to these appointments,  but I don’t think he realizes how little say I have in setting the schedule. The clinic gives me a pretty narrow timeframe of where and when I need to be a certain place, and I gotta be there. To be a surrogate, you really cannot be a slacker with appointment times.


I try not to bore folks with the non-surrogacy, extraneous comings-and-goings on of my life, but I have some good news I figured, “why not share?” as it will be taking up a good portion of my time spent hopefully pregnant. I was accepted (provisionally!) into the graduate program I applied for, provided I knock out a couple Psychology undergraduate prerequisite courses beginning in a couple weeks and over the summer. This is exciting as it is a step forward towards my post-surrogate, post-stay at home mom life. My youngest, and last kid, is full into the toddler stage – and while he still needs a lot of attention, he’s growing more self-sufficient every day. I’ve been very lucky to be able to have this time with my children in their infancy and childhood and I have to admit, it’s a little exciting to now stand on the precipice of a completely new phase of life.

So, there’s that bit, and I also have a clinic appointment this Friday to check if I’m ready to begin the hormone injection portion of the cycle. April 8th is quickly approaching.


I’ve been laying low these past couple days ever since receiving that MMR II booster. It’s completely knocked me flat. All those “possible” symptoms – umm, definitely got them. All. Swollen glands? Joint pain and stiffness? Sore throat? Low grade fever? Check to all of the above.

The clinic wants me to have rubella immunity, so, hope this gets the job done. My voice sounds so fried, I think I’m speaking in a lower register than my husband right now.

But, in good news, I have my official calendar all laid out for the FET (frozen embryo transfer) AND OUR T-DAY! April 8th! Yay, the day we’ve all been waiting for is fast approaching. Knowing that’s something to look forward to makes my sampler platter of cold and flu and Kardashian Vocal Fry symptoms slightly more tolerable.

German Measles

Huh. After all that “thanking my body” bit, apparently it wants to straight up betray me by not producing the right antibodies to Rubella, aka the German Measles.

My lab results came back that I’m not immune to the Rube, so I have to get a shot today, even though I could have sworn I received this shot six years ago. So much for lifelong immunity, huh? That’s ok – this won’t impact our transfer date.

Other than having to get a jab, I’m happy it’s the weekend.

Hope you have a lovely one!