A Day Like Any Other

Today is supposed to be a rarity because it doesn’t happen all that often. But if you really think about, every day is unique because you’ve never lived it before. Keeping this perspective via mindfulness helps get me through some of the more challenging days of being a mom of 3.

While I woke up and dropped my kids off at school just like any other Monday, I did take some time to reflect on the journey of how far I’ve come since having our son in October 2014, and the journey I’m about to embark on with this (to be) my final pregnancy. It’s fitting today marks a day of endings while the new month tomorrow kicks off the start of something entirely new. And it’s extra-special, as well, as tomorrow is Surrogate Baby #1’s third birthday!

Since I’ll be taking a lot of hormones through the birth control, it’s finally time to cut-off breastfeeding for my little guy. He turns 17 months tomorrow and is not going to like this one bit but it’s time. 17 months is nearly double as long the time I spent breastfeeding our daughters and I am very grateful to have gone this far, especially since he’s our last kiddo. This is completely disgusting and too much information so tune out now if you’re squeamish about bodily fluids. Our family all suffered from a bout of conjunctivitis last week (NOTE TO OTHER PARENTS: IF YOUR KID IS LEAKING MUCUS FROM THEIR EYEBALL, KEEP THEM HOME FROM THE PLAYGROUND! For the love of God, people…) Thankfully it has run its wretched course. In what I consider my milk’s final act of badassery sustaining the lives of my children and keeping them healthy and fed, I used a little breastmilk to treat son’s pinkeye. It greatly helped to get the swelling to go down and he woke up looking so much better the next day! WAY TO GO ULTIMATE MILK POWER-UP! Women don’t say “thanks” often enough to their bodies, so today, I’m saying a big thanks to mine.

Today I also finished a weight loss challenge with a group of friends that we started at New Years. The competition was a great extra boost to help keep my fitness train a-rollin’. Getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight after pregnancy #4 took much much longer than 1, 2, and 3 (well, I never fully got back after 1 or 2). Man, this was a big wake-up call to make good choices throughout the duration of this upcoming pregnancy. There is no way I’m getting up to as heavy as I was. That was a lot of work to get the weight off and it’s not an experience I want to repeat. SO….MAKE GOOD CHOICES THIS TIME AROUND!! I’m making a promise to myself now to exercise every day like I have been doing and continue to JERF. I love that acronym.  Just Eat Real Food. No more Stoffers Lasagna crap.

Anyway, here’s to a new month, a new season, and a thankful nod to my body for getting me here after almost 32 years.


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