Trials & Vials

FINALLY, I can delve into the meat and potatoes of a surrogacy journey – the whole reason why I began this blog in the first place!



40 pounds lost August 2015-February 2016


So after a 40 pound weight loss since this summer, I am finally “cleared” for my second gestational surrogate pregnancy. Same uterus (mine!), same intended parents. Hoo-rah!

Have you come to this blog wondering what the process of being a surrogate is like? I want to be as straightforward as possible as what it’s like for me, and perhaps you’ll find this is a journey you’d like to undertake as well.

So today I went in for a lot of bloodwork and labs. The fertility clinic wanted to screen for any diseases or pathogens which would disqualify me as a surrogate candidate. They tested me for multiple drugs, opiates, and nicotine as well as for Hepatitis and the like. When you’re responsible for carrying the offspring of someone else, it’s important to be honest and disclose your full medical history with the fertility specialist.

There is a fancy word for “person who works in the lab who sticks you with a needle and extracts vials of your blood.” It’s a career title that isn’t coming to mind right now. (ETA: PHLEBOTOMIST!) But after that woman poked and prodded around my right arm and eventually left me with a bruise, I was successfully screened and ready to proceed onto the next phase with the fertility clinic. I need to let them know the day my period starts so they begin me on a 28-day birth control to track my cycle and give me a calendar of when to begin hormonal therapy for IVF. Knowing my body, Aunt Flo should be paying a visit around the 2nd or 3rd of March. Surrogacy is one big experience of “hurry up and wait…” Today was a lot of hurry up – get those lab results sent – and during the next two weeks…we wait.

Good times, good times.

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