While I’m waiting to receive my finalized surrogacy contract to sign and send off, I have been losing weight in order to meet the clinic BMI standard before starting hormones. Since 2012, when I last went in, the fertility clinic instituted an new rule where you can’t be over or under a certain BMI threshold. I completely understand why they have this new rule in place as it will allow for a healthier pregnancy. I have been working hard since August to lose weight and when I woke up this morning I was only SIX pounds away!  Aarrghhh! It’s so close. I’ve collectively lost 24 pounds since August through a major overhaul in my eating habits and running (a sad attempt at running, but doing it nonetheless). We are so close to the finish line of stage one, which is actually the starting line of another phase. It’s so close I can see it!  Waaaaahhhhoooo!!! Dear potential surrogate baby, you were worked for, and will be most definitively earned for your sweet family.

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