A Surrogacy Adventure Begins

I’ve been signing my name to many documents. I have lawyers working for me, lawyers!!  Actually, I’m in the process of finalizing a legal surrogate contract. This is how it starts! There are lots of things to consider. When drafting a surrogate contract, you need to include every scenario, both likely and unlikely to take place. For example, we will be performing a single embryo transfer. One embryo. Hopefully one baby. However, unusual as it may be, that single embryo could split. Surprise! You’re now pregnant with identical twins. It may be unlikely, but it’s happened before! So, now what? Do you carry twins to term? Say your intended parents choose to selectively reduce? Put that in your contract. Put it ALL in your contract. Because the situation or scenario you leave out, is the the one that will befall upon everyone. I’m excited. Looks like we should have contracts finalized next week.

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