Blue Apron 39: Za’atar Spiced Eggplant & Squash Pitas w Cucumber-Squash & Tabbouleh

I’ve figured out the precise scent combination of “generic suburban pizza parlor”. Generic suburban pizza parlor, of course, was THE place to be at age 13 when all you wanted was to hang out with friends, play arcade games, and watch WWE on the big screen TV while drinking a Suicide from the soda fountain. Go heavy on the Dr Pepper and Diet Coke for the optimum ratio of disgustingness.

It is…oregano + roasted sweet pepper.

This is exactly what my kitchen smelled like upon preparing this Blue Apron dinner, one of the final ones in this “learning to cook” series. Blue Apron claims this meal was complexly seasoned. I’m going to have to disagree, I thought this dinner was bland. Filling…but there wasn’t much going on in the flavor department.


The filling of the pita consisted of roasted squash, eggplant, and tomato (which I went off-recipe here and  roasted the beautiful beefsteak tomato Blue Apron sent because I’m still uncomfortable eating raw tomato). The veggies were topped with a lovely Tzaziki sauce and sprinkled with Feta cheese crumbs. I ended up modifying the Tzaziki sauce from a previous Blue Apron recipe by adding garlic paste and lemon juice because it gave this much more flavor than the yogurt and cucumber alone Blue Apron was suggesting. That would have been even more boring than this already ended up tasting!

A cucumber divided: one half to the yogurt sauce, the other half to the filling

A cucumber divided: one half to the yogurt sauce, the other half to the filling

I am not a tomato person, but I will give it to Blue Apron for sending a beautiful specimen of fresh Beefsteak tomato. This is not the kind of tomato you will find in a grocery store.  I chuckled at the Big Mac box style packaging.

more like beefcake tomato

more like beefcake tomato

This dinner was healthy, 540 cals per serving, and this is what we all need right now. I’m actually impressed that the kids didn’t complain about eating this one either. They were enthusiastic and ate a decent enough portion that I might feel confident in saying this could be something I’d could for them again, but I just don’t know. Maybe it was the very blandness of this that didn’t cause them to put up a fight over dinner tonight.

The Pita Bread Blue Apron sent was fresh and tasty. Maybe I’m not a fan of sweet peppers in general. Give me spice. Take us out of suburban blandness and liven things up. For sending a meal my kids didn’t put up a fight over, I’ll give Blue Apron 2/5 stars on this dinner.

Blue apron sweet pepper image

As I near the grand finale of my learning to cook experience, I’m mentally making a tally of the best recipes I’ve cooked with Blue Apron. While I don’t think this one makes the Top 10, certainly not the Top 5, I feel like I’m a much more confident chef from where I started out 6 months ago. Cooking meals for my family has become NBD. No Big Deal. My children don’t complain, “eewww, not MOMMY’S cooking”  as much anymore. At least, not on a nightly basis. Teaching myself to cooks is still a work in progress. But Progress has been made. My cooking, at this point, is at the least…somewhat edible.



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