Lemonade Stand: A Kiwi Crate Review

It’s time to review another Kiwi Crate! Our second box arrived on Saturday and we’ve had lots of fun with this one so far. This month’s learning theme was all about money: currency, counting, addition and subtraction. Best of all, it came with a cash register. The cash register was an instant obsession.

Something that differed from last month was the two activities in this months box were actually two pieces of one larger game, the lemonade stand game. Kiwi Crate sent the assembly for a paper cash register and currency as one activity and bits to put together for a chalkboard advertisement as the other.  There was an additional pamphlet on mini math games to play with the currency and pretend shop items. WE LOVED THIS! Total creativity sparker.

Lemonade Stand Kiwi Crate

Lemonade Stand Kiwi Crate

Assembling the cash register was priority numero uno. Once that was up and running (with a real, working calculator!) we got to playing store right away. I’m happy to say buying and selling toys occupied them for at least an hour and the cash register is durable enough for multiple uses.

I'd like to be paid in tacos, please

will accept American dollars and tacos as forms of payment

“That will be two dollars, please.”

A puzzle piece was given as a

A puzzle piece was given as a “receipt”

While the bartering went on, assembly of the chalkboard fell upon myself and a not so helpful assistant. The only actual assembly for this portion of the project was stringing together felt pieces to make a lemon-shaped eraser for the chalkboard. This would have probably been too advanced for my 5.5-year-old anyway, so I didn’t mind taking care of the quick set-up.



I need to establish the back-story for this next photo.

My Mother is an elementary school teacher. She’s always looking out for fun and educational activities to send the girls; some things she gives us are games, books, or activities used in her classroom. About a year ago, she granted us her school’s access to an educational learning lab called BrainPop Junior. It’s a website with a series of videos covering all kinds of subjects that my girls love to watch. Lately they’ve been fascinated with social topics that are presented in a child-friendly matter, like divorce, smoking…and drugs. I don’t know why the drugs video has held their interest as much as it has, but on Saturday when my oldest was coloring a picture, out of the blue she asks, “Mommy, can you write “free drugs” for me?”

“ExCUSE you?? Huuuuuh?”

“Did you know that drugs sometimes can make people do things they don’t normally do? Yeah. And if a stranger offers you free drugs, you should always say no.”

This was what her drawing was about. People doing things they don’t normally do, because they took drugs. Bless your heart, sweet little daughter.

So as a Machiavellian parent, I envisioned a scenario placing each daughter out on the street. One with a sign advertising Lemonade, the other with a sign that says Free Drugs! And in my head, what played out was hilarious.

busiest lemonade stand ever

busiest lemonade stand ever

This was definitely a fun box, more fun than last months. I think for the entertainment and educational value Kiwi Crate boxes provide we will keep subscribing. Now if only there were a subscription service that sent out free drugs…

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