Blue Apron 35: North African Beef Tagine w Zucchini & Almond Herb Couscous


Face it: Zucchini is the basic bitch of the cucurbits. Bold statement, I know. But what is zucchini best known for? Its bread? Zucchini is a watery filler gourd that’s stupid-easy to grow with inferior ovaries. Blue Apron has been sending zucchinis a-plenty in our boxes lately.

do you even go here, zucchini?

do you even go here, zucchini?

I used to have a thing for you once, zucchini, but no longer

I used to have a thing for you once, but no longer

So I was a little disappointed to receive yet another zucchini recipe this week; two recipes in the same box! But it’s understandable where Blue Apron is coming from. Zucchinis are cheap to grow and are decently healthy for you. Fortunately, this dinner was balanced out by something far sexier: Medjool Dates. Mmm…so sticky and sweet (also, Red Onion. The sexiest of the onion varieties).

wanna date?

wanna date?

One positive this dinner had going for it was that Blue Apron sent a lot of ground beef. A lot. There’s a big Tupperware of leftovers now sitting in our fridge. The beef + the couscous made for great volume. Since we’re on the 4-person meal plan there is no shortage of food to go around. It provoked a different and interesting reaction from the kiddoes. Good-eater enjoyed the couscous, but not the beef, and Picky-eater liked the beef, but not the couscous. I would have predicted the opposite.


I greatly enjoyed the combination of the spices and the heartiness of the meat and vegetables. The mint and parsley were a nice touch. Coming in at 650 calories per serving, this was healthy enough for my diet plan yet felt filling and didn’t leave me craving more. Too bad this wasn’t especially kid-friendly because I would love to make this again, perhaps omitting the zucchini for something like butternut squash. I also got to serve this in my new Pottery Barn serve-ware bowls. Pottery Barn: The Basic Bitch of Retail. You know you love it.


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