Burned by Blue Apron!

Really, Blue Apron? You’re really going to do this to me? After I sang your praises and enjoyed your creations all these months? ON FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND?!

Unless an act of God occurs within the next 53 minutes 59 seconds and a box of food appears on the doorstep, we ain’t gettin’ our Friday food box. Boo!

I get that 80% of the blame lies on FedEx here. When I contacted them (thank goodness they have reasonable West Coast customer service hours) after discovering the delivery info on the package had changed from “today by 8:00 PM” to “Monday, July 6”, the gentleman on the phone informed me that FedEx Ground staff had the day-off today. Reasonable! I completely support FedEx giving their employees Friday off in lieu of a Saturday holiday. But shouldn’t Blue Apron have seen this coming? On some level, informing the packaging crew to put 2-day labels instead of Ground for this particular holiday would have made much more sense and their customers wouldn’t have to wait out a long, hot weekend to receive potentially spoiled food. Ewww – no thank you! Hopefully the shipment refusal FedEx put on the package is upheld. I like surprises, but not when it comes to opening boxes of hot, sweaty food.

I believe in second chances, “fool me once, etc”, and this is the only major problem I’ve had with them up until now. But food-le me again and WE DONE, BLUE APRON! This one burned real good. And I know of a competitor of yours that rhymes with ‘Smell-o Presh’ I’ve been curious to try who might not leave their customers in the lurch on ‘Merica’s Birthday. I expect I won’t receive a reply until Monday. Until then, I’m going to lament the loss of grass beef wieners with some wine from a box.

Happy 239th, America.



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