Product Review – ORA Organic Supplements


Usually when you add protein powder to smoothies and shakes you have to brace yourself for the slightly-off chalky taste that dominates the beverage. I normally guilt-trip myself into adding a scoop because it feels healthier. Turns out that nutritionally, you’re not doing your health any favor by adding protein powder into those smoothies or shakes. Your body digests the protein first, leaving the sugars to hang out and turn into fat.

I was pleasantly surprised the other day to discover that my drink, consisting of Almond Milk, Ice, and Organic Superfood Protein by Ora actually tasted like a Vanilla Chai!

Not chalky.

Not gritty.


I went and ordered the full container. I was visiting my parent’s this weekend and they had some available to sample, but after that great experience I’m going to get some for my family. I have a feeling the kids will like this because it’s tasty and vanilla.

I also got to sample Ora’s plant-based Omega 3 spray, cleverly called “Nothing Fishy Here”. It’s a revolutionary new way of Omega 3 intake which eliminates the need for fish oil capsules. Are you a fan of vurping fish oil? Umm, me either. It felt a little odd at first to spray a mysterious substance in my mouth. Ora claims this is a more efficient means of delivering the nutrient as it eliminates toxic oxidation. The pineapple flavor was not off-putting in the slightest. Currently the product runs for $30 per bottle for a one month supply. This struck me as pricy and hopefully there will be a price-drop once they get going. Right now you can use the coupon code valid through June 17 “oralaunch” to save 30% off your order. The discount was what helped me pull the trigger on purchasing. As for the health benefits of Omega 3? I’ll have to wait and see. I’ve decided to go back to school for a Masters Degree (Fall 2016) so perhaps this will help me beef up the old brain and memory.

I wasn’t able to sample the Organic Probiotics but with the savings of the coupon code, placed an order for all 3 of their products direct ship to our house! Use the code and give them a try! The code “orabegins2015” will grant you access to the website to check out supplements… re-imagined!


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