BLUE APRON 30: Chicken Parmesan w Fresh Mozzarella & Spinach-Zucchini Pasta


Blue Apron Dinner.


It felt like it anyway. Although the recommended cook time is 35-45 minutes, it seemed a much shorter time preparing this Chicken Parmesan. The preparation on this one proceeded to go “bam, bam, bam” as it’s one you can pound out quickly. If you’re a quick chopper of onions anyway. It also helps that this is a very tasty and child-friendly recipe!


Blue Apron sent one zucchini and one yellow onion, which were the only vegetable that required chopping. The garlic needed to be sliced, but I always do garlic in my little Cuisinart. The sauce was so simple: garlic, onion, and a can of petite diced tomatoes. I recently picked up some fancy olive oil and salt (e.g. more expensive) at the market – would it make any difference in taste?

my new, luxury olive oil and pink Himalayan salt SO MUCH FANCY

my new, luxury olive oil and pink Himalayan salt SO MUCH FANCY

an easy recipe to top chicken parmesan: yellow onion, garlic, diced tomato

an easy recipe to top chicken parmesan: yellow onion, garlic, diced tomato

After cooking the sauce, which took all of 10 minutes, I moved on to browning the chicken breasts. First, I patted them with white flour and cooked in the snobby olive oil until browned. I really don’t think the different olive oil made a difference. It still tasted good! There’s a very satisfying feeling to having your hands covered in flour. It feels like you’re really cooking and making an effort, even on a dinner that doesn’t require much involvement at all. Blue Apron sent a decent sized portion of Mozzarella cheese, so these chicken breasts ended up smothered.

getting my hands dirty

getting my hands dirty

super cheesy

super cheesy

The side of pasta was Bucatini Pasta, basically Spaghetti with a hole in it. Like a spaghetti straw! Oh the things you could slurp with a spaghetti straw…

Before we go off on that tangent, let’s examine the contents of the pasta. It had the zucchini rounds and baby spinach and some garlic and parmesan. That was it! Exceedingly simple!

This was a dinner I could easily reproduce. It wouldn’t take much to pick up all these ingredients at the grocery store and to be honest it would cost less than what Blue Apron charges. With some of the other recipes I feel I’m getting that little extra something but this one — hmm, it isn’t all that difficult to pull together on your own. The kids enjoyed it and the adults both chowed down, so I’m putting this one into the success column. Funny, if you think about it, this dinner was misnamed. It should have been Chicken Mozzarella and Pasta Parmesan. Though traditionally, the chicken would be cut up and served with the pasta. No matter. Good eats. Good night.

Piquant Parmesan

Piquant Parmesan

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