Blue Apron 29 – Panko-Crusted Cod w Roasted Asparagus & Creamy Farro Salad



Q: What’s the Melting Point of Tony the Tiger?

A: Apparently it’s 425°.

I’m envisioning my deceased Mother-in-Law (rest her soul) circa 1992 diligently cutting cereal boxes to gather and collect the ‘points’ one could send in to Kellogg’s Company back then and, after waiting some obscene amount of time like 58 weeks, a prize/reward finally arrived in the mail.  The prizes were always lame, guaranteed. You could spend months saving up like 800 points and then waiting a year only to receive a paper POG in the mail. A singular POG with the Kellogg’s Logo. Not even a slammer. Well, after accumulating 10,000 points and waiting 3 years, my Mother-in-Law won a set of bowls with the Kellogg’s cereal cartoon characters on them. Somehow this set of bowls made it’s way to my family in tact 23 years later. Until today.

This morning, I wasn’t feeling too hungry for the egg-scramble we all had for breakfast; it was placed in the oven on a plate to keep warm until later. This plate of eggs was then covered with one Kellogg’s Character Bowl featuring Tony the Tiger. I completely forgot about this sitting around in the oven until it was far, far too late. I pre-heated the oven for tonight’s dinner of roasted asparagus to 425° and only when it was time to put the asparagus in, did I discover one melted, imploded plastic Tony Tiger breakfast bowl, covering a plate of stale, scrambled eggs. For comparison’s sake, you can see what it should look like next to a regular bowl.



quit looking so smug, Crackle, this could have been you

quit looking so smug, Crackle, this could have been you

After inhaling approximately seven different chemicals known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Fatal Birth Defects, poor Tony met his destiny in the garbage. So sorry, mate! You’re still GRRRR-EAT! (Fun fact: Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice actor of the original Tony the Tiger was also the bass behind “You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch” aka my favorite Christmas Carol. Now you won’t be able to un-hear this!)

Nothing else interesting happened making this dinner.

In fact, I thought it was pretty boring by Blue Apron standards. It felt like I’ve done each component of this dinner already. Breaded fish? Yep. Roasted asparagus? Yep. Farro something or other? Definitely recall putting a Farro salad together before. This just means I should be good at this by now, right?!

Actually, I do believe learning from the errors of my past helped me out tonight. I remembered to only bread ONE side of the fish this time which allowed the Panko breadcrumbs and Dijon-mustard glaze to spread and distribute more evenly between each fillet. I remembered to press the shallots in a garlic press AFTER grinding them in my mini-prep food processor to give a smoother texture to the vinaigrette dressing. I pre-cut Picky Eater’s fish into bite-sized pieces so she wouldn’t whine, “it’s toooooo biiiiiiig!” for goodness sakes! I am a smart ape! I can be taught!



only one of the fillet's breadings fell off when I flipped them this time!

only one of the fillet’s breadings fell off when I flipped them this time!

In summary, this was a filling, moderately child-friendly, easy to prepare dinner. Each fillet and serving of Farro salad clocked in at 570 calories. I feel like I’m becoming a progressively better chef through this process! Minus, you know, melting plastic in the oven.


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