Mother’s Day

I avoid getting too sentimental about my children, but since today was Mothers Day in the USA and all, I’ll just go ahead and say it…

My kids are the most magnificent, sweet, kind, and funny little humans I know.

Half the time it feels like I’m making this whole parenting thing up as I go along. The other half I look on in amazement at these three children I’m responsible for and think, “what did I do to deserve anything as wonderful as you three in my life?”

They bring so much joy to me and those who love them. There are days I feel rather useless, when I wonder what purpose I have on earth, but on days like today when it hits me like a sack of bricks how important it is to be the best possible Mother I can be for them – to raise them to be loving, conscientious adults – well, I don’t feel quite as useless anymore.


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