Blue Apron 25 – Braised Chicken Thighs w Bell Peppers, Onion & Cheesy Polenta

This morning was like waking up from a bad dream, only realizing you’re still stuck in one. I’m sad, but going to take some time to figure things out, like if I want to continue the next 10 years, or lifetime, in the same holding pattern of disappointment. I was especially sad about stepping away from cooking, since I’ve been enjoying this project tremendously over the past two months. It’s given me a purpose. So while I had to suspend Blue Apron deliveries for at least the next two weeks until I figure out what to do, I still have to cook the last 4 meals from today’s and Friday’s boxes. I wasn’t prepared to write about them, but equally wasn’t prepared for a meal that easily was in my Top 5. Of course, of course, this would be delicious! So I had to give this meal it’s due with a short write-up.  I mean, what is cheesy polenta exactly? IT’S A GIANT LUMP OF CHEESE GOO. How was I not supposed to love this?!



I liked this recipe most of all for it’s simplicity. Reminiscent of the Roast Chicken & Root Vegetables dinner, it took a hunk of chicken meat, a couple complimentary veggies, and a rich, filling side-dish and combined them with a spice blend of ground sweet paprika, dried oregano, dried thyme, and whole fennel seeds to achieve something I felt was easily reproducible and could be enjoyed on any given night. I can’t imagine this one would be all too terribly expensive to put together by yourself purchasing the same ingredients from the grocery store.

Much like the other favorite Blue Apron recipes thus far, my expectations were absent starting off. Things like the Beef Stroganoff are so up my alley, my bias is that I’ll enjoy it no matter what. And with things like fish I’m already not enthusiastic about, I at least try to put my best effort in to give it a chance. It’s kind of these middle-of-the-road dinners which I don’t expect to feel one way or the other, just to eat and hopefully enjoy, that I’ll end up more than pleasantly surprised.

I wasn’t planning on doing a write-up, so I didn’t take photos until the very end when I started to get excited about eating this. The only real flub-up that happened was the chicken and veggies were still too watery when they came out of the pan and I ended up sucking out the excess liquid with a blue bulb syringe. Yes, one of those blue bulb syringes.


Every parent knows that these suck at their intended purpose, but make AWESOME bath toys later on

If you want to find out if someone is a parent, ask them, “do these work well at their intended purpose? True or False.” It’s like a parenting initiation.

I’d make this dinner again in a heartbeat.

It was the second best part of the day just behind finding twenty dollars I didn’t know I had in a pocket of a pair of jeans which hadn’t been worn in a while because I can fit in them again. There are few things in life that can top that feeling though.


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