Blue Apron 24 – Almond Crusted Cod w Coconut Rice & Ginger Spinach

The good news about this recipe is that it’s healthy, about 510 calories per serving.

The bad news about this recipe is that it’s not idiot proof.

Remember, I am a cooking nincompoop. I’m still learning, only 24 meals into a 40 meal cooking project. This dinner provided a couple technical difficulties. It still came out tasting ok…I think it just looked kind of off; surely not like the golden breaded fillets in the photo on Blue Apron’s recipe card.


The first task was to cook the rice, since it was going to take 25 minutes in total to fully cook. This was actually the easy part. I followed the instructions to mince the ginger, add one cup water, a small can of coconut milk, and a big pinch of salt to the bag of rice Blue Apron sent.

actually using ginger this time (see previous entry for ginger mishap)

now THIS is Ginger (see previous entry for ginger mishap)

While the rice cooked, I finished the spinach and breaded and pan-fried the cod. This is where things all fell apart. I shouldn’t have used my only large cooking pot for the rice; had I known one pound of spinach is a fuckton of spinach, I would have used the pot for that instead. I ended up having to cook it in batches.

and she gazed down upon the spinach and said, "verily, this is a fuckton of spinach"

and she gazed down upon the spinach and said, “verily, this is a fuckton of spinach”


Spinach shrinks in the wash, so it actually all compacted nicely into a serving bowl once each batch was cooked – I wish it could have done so more evenly. Some pieces were totally soggy and wilty and others were fresh like salad. Blue Apron sent a dollop of butter to cook it with so that accounted for the 10 calories in the 510 calorie serving.

How come I couldn’t bread the cod the right way? I stuck to the instructions. The almond flour wouldn’t stick, fell off, and got all clumpy. Should I have brushed the fish in oil beforehand so the breading would stick? They wanted me to cook the fish with coated side down first, but the coating never turned that pretty and golden color. I ended up having to scrape it off the bottom of the pan and adding the crumbled pieces on later. The kids wouldn’t care how janky this was, but I care darnit!



Final verdict: meh. I don’t know how apt I am to bread fish again. The rice cooked in coconut milk had a very nice flavor and Blue Apron always sends enough rice so we have left-overs for lunch the next day. I feel as if I’m getting my money’s worth in that aspect. The spinach was a good side dish for keeping on the diet, butter be damned. It made more dishes and mess than I’d hoped for – a 3/3 pancake cleanup job. Usually the most involved dishes have been the best ones, but this failed to live up to expectations.

Both my Awesome Eater and Picky Eater didn’t walk away in horror. They both ate half the fillets and rice and maybe a bite or two of spinach. I’ll take it, with shoulders shrugged and a valiant attempt under my belt.


there was a very sweet place setting laid down for me :)

there was a very sweet place setting laid down for me 🙂

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