Rant Post: Life’s A Blur

I would like to keep up with cooking, but I’ve had to step back for trivial reasons. Last week, the last contact lens of my higher-strength prescription tore, so I’ve been walking around blind the past several days and have little motivation to do much of anything while life is blurry. I tried to send a re-order into 1-800-Contacts but they couldn’t fulfill the order due to my prescription being out of date, so it’s either schedule an appointment with a new optometrist and take weeks to be seen – when will I have the time to do this with three young children?!? When??? Or, now I must wait until the contacts I ordered online through an international place come in. It’s so silly. I know my prescription… -5000 for near-sightedness…that may be an exaggeration, but close enough, so whyyyyyy can’t I just order them and have them shipped direct?

Bitch. Moan.

One of the things I’d like to accomplish with surrogacy compensation (yes, I’ll talk about this controversial issue in another surrogacy post) is get mother*&#cking LASIK surgery. It would be amazing to wake up and SEE. I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts for almost 20 years now. I’ve been nervous about the procedure but I think I’m ready to just get it done with.

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