Blue Apron 22 – Za’atar Spiced Chicken w Tabbouleh, Roasted Cauliflower & Tzatziki

Do you consider yourself a saucy person?

Are you a fan of dipping, tripping, mixing and fixing?

I love me a good sauce, and on my list of all-time favorite sauces, TZATZIKI is right up there at the top.


My husband, for the record, is not a sauce-lover which is a point of contention in our marriage. But that’s all good because more for me!

Whenever we go out to eat at, they give us funny looks for ordering 25 extra sides of tzatziki. And those are just the ones for my pita bread.

It’s something I’ve always been curious to learn to how to make. I assumed it must be pretty simple…it just consists of yogurt, cucumber, and maybe some lemon juice? I’ve mostly been too lazy to look a recipe up and also didn’t want to tarnish the sanctity of the restaurant tzatziki. So I was excited when Blue Apron sent a recipe with instructions on how to make some!


As predicted, it’s astoundingly simple to make and Blue Apron clued me in to the ingredient I was omitting: garlic paste.

Taking a spoon (they suggest using the flat side of a knife, but I find I’m a better smasher with spoons) I crushed two pre-minced cloves of fresh garlic into a paste. I was hesitant if this was correct – did they really want me to put raw garlic in something? Isn’t that going to taste too…garlicky?

pasty enough for you?

pasty enough for you?

Turns out the garlic is what gives my favorite restaurant tzatziki it’s yummy flavor! I wouldn’t have guessed. Oh, and of course the cucumber, lemon juice, yogurt, salt and pepper. I also learned it’s possible to grate cucumbers. Pro-tip: turn the grater around and scrape the back. There’s goodies hiding back there! I would probably add a sprinkle of fresh dill leaf the next time I make this.

cucumber clingers

cucumber clingers

The rest of dinner was fairly straightforward. Roast the cauliflower in a Dothraki spice called Za’atar and olive oil. Season the chicken with the remaining za’atar and make a tabbouleh with wheat bulger, baby spinach, and lemon juice. This was a healthy dinner (555 cals) that the kids liked, was quick to prepare (25 mins), and didn’t make a lot of mess. 1/3 on my pancake clean-up messy scale. Hoo-rah!

I’m just so happy I now know how to make restaurant quality tzatziki!!


Time for a serious question: is there a subscription service like Blue Apron, but for booze? Our grocery store trips have cut back significantly, which is awesome, but a beer-and-wine delivered to your front door service would be even better and save more time and gas! Must look into this.

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