Blue Apron 19 – Chicken Rollatini alla Cacciatore w Radiatore Pasta

19 Blue Apron meals complete! 21 to go. Just about halfway through this project.

This service gives you the chance to experiment with meals outside of your comfort zone. They also send you dinners that are so, so deep in your comfort zone. For example, Chicken Cacciatore. Om nomity nom. There’s also a variety in method of cooking i.e. stovetop vs. oven bake vs. no-bake. So nothing ever stays dull or routine. I think this helps in my attempt to learn to cook!


This dinner was good. Reeeeeeaaaaallllly good. It came sizzling out of the oven with gooey mozzarella and pasta with fresh basil on the side. You’d assume not so good for you, but supposedly only 700 calories per serving. Delicious and filling for a chilly, early Spring evening.

All the Blue Apron recipe cards contain six* steps complete with photos of what you’re supposed to be doing along the way. This makes it easy for visual people like myself who often gloss over text, which, in cooking is not necessarily a good thing and has led to a few kitchen nightmares in the past. Step One is usually the “prep your veggies and put them all in little bowls” step. This is probably my favorite step. Everything is so tidy and organized, just waiting to be combined in awesomely tasty ways.

this appeals to the organization freak in me

this appeals to the organization freak in me

Step Five was quite, err, technical. There was potential for great calamity. I layered 1/4 of the drained spinach, stacked it onto the uncooked chicken breast, and then topped that with 1/8 the mozzarella. Ok, Blue Apron, I see where you’re going with those fractions and 4 chicken breasts.

the art of stacking cheese

the art of stacking cheese

Blue Apron’s photo makes it seem like you have to roll out the chicken breast flat to roll the ends over, like you’re making a raw chicken burrito or something. It didn’t even really need to be secured that much because when I flipped the chicken over in a baking dish, the cheese and spinach stayed pretty secure anyway. I poured the tomato sauce over the chicken in the baking dish and cooked for 15 minutes at 450.

...aaaaaand flipped. not bad!

…aaaaaand flipped. not bad!

topped with sauce and ready to go

topped with sauce and ready to go

The radiatore pasta cooked while the chicken was baking. I first boiled the pasta, removed it to drain, then added half the garlic to simmer in the pot for 1 minute, put the pasta back in and combined it with Parmesan and crushed basil. Super tasty. I think this has been the MOST child-friendly meal we’ve eaten so far. I’ve never seen them both clean their plates so quickly. This dinner also made a big ol’ 3-pancake mess. It seems like the trend that the messier and more involved the prep, the better the recipe. Hmm…

I’ll definitely be making this one again, perhaps without the mushrooms next time (you could take or leave those, depending on your feelings about mushrooms) but the chicken was moist and the sauce and pasta had a lot of flavor. A++++.

so much nom

so much nom

you should never take any review here seriously....because I buy my wine at gas stations

you should never take any review here seriously….because I buy my wine at gas stations

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