Blue Apron 18 – Panko-Crusted Mustard Salmon w Roasted Potatoes & Waldorf-Style Salad

Since I reviewed my husband’s cooking recently, I thought I’d give him an opportunity to dish it out right back at me (the puns, I can keep them coming all night!)

This Blue Apron recipe was our dinner last night, and what I’ll do is include my cooking notes and give him a chance to provide feedback on how he thought it went. HUFOOD CRITIQUE (husband-food): BRING IT ON!

Featuring a colorful medley of fingerling potatoes and a Waldorf Salad with Greek Yoghurt instead of Mayo, I thought this was a healthy, quick, tasty dinner for our family. But it isn’t about what I think tonight, now is it?

Potatoes: taste the rainbow

Potatoes: taste the rainbow

The potatoes took 20 minutes to roast. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of the cooking in our toaster oven instead of the big, regular oven. I find it goes slightly quicker when I use the toaster oven, but really, the difference is negligible. It gives me an excuse to put an underused appliance into action.

Panko always reminds me of Plinko. I'd love to be a contestant on Price is Right someday.

Panko always reminds me of Plinko. I’d love to be a contestant on Price is Right someday. #bucketlist

All the action cooking this dish took place in coating the salmon fillets in Dijon Mustard and then breading it with the Panko breadcrumbs. Since my husband is going to read this, I should probably confess that I dropped two of the fillets on the floor while breading them.  Give me a break, they were slippery. So, family of 4, you all had a 50/50 chance of eating a piece of Salmon that had floor germs! Mommy loves you!


I think I’m getting the hang of this…

I’m glad both Awesome Eater and Picky Eater will eat salmon. Growing up, I think I was over 18 before I tried it for the first time. How sad! I want to expose my kids to the flavors of the world; break them away from the heavy fast food diet of my own childhood.  This recipe was well-received by the kiddoes. Picky Eater even ate ALL her Waldorf Salad! Winning.

have you met my children? they're lovely

have you met my children? they’re lovely

Ok, now let’s see what someone over the age of 5 thought…

– – –

Salmon: I found the salmon to be excellent.  I had not thought to employ a panko-style breading to a darker cut of fish such as salmon.  I’ve had panko breaded white fish that was great, and I’ve had breaded/fried salmon that frankly disappointed.  I had written off breading salmon to a degree, but this version found a nice balance.  The application of breading in this recipe was minimal, and that prevented the flavors of the salmon from being masked by the bread and oil.  That makes a big difference.  I grew up on salmon, and it does not need breading to apologize for a lack of flavor.  Two greasy thumbs up for this one.
Potatoes: The potatoes were crispy on the outside, and well seasoned.  I’ve made potato recipes like this before.  This potato preparation method hits the trifecta of quick-easy-tasty.  I will call them scrummy, and I’m willing to sound pretentious doing it
Salad: This salad was an interpretation of a Waldorf salad, and I’ve always enjoyed Waldorf salads.  Take a genre of food known to be healthy, throw in apples and walnuts, and start heaping on the mayo.  This is a different take.  It replaces the mayonnaise with yogurt and adds arugula.  I understand what this recipe is trying to do.  I would give this salad a positive review because for what it is–a healthy take on a classic dish–I can recommend it.  That being said, if I was in the mood for Waldorf salad (which I was as soon as that name was used…Pavlov was a smart guy) I would not make this salad.  I think it’s a mistake to connect this with a Waldorf salad.  Other than the presence of apples (which tasted good with the yogurt) it was not reminiscent of Waldorf salads at all.  This recipe was something else that was simple, interesting, and that fans of cooking can tinker with.  Ultimately I ate two helpings, and yet my hankering for Waldorf has not been sated by this version.
On the whole, this dinner nailed 2 out of 3 dishes, and the 3rd one was still pretty good.  Happy feasting.

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