Blue Apron 17 – Lamb & Beef Tagine w Swiss Chard, Date Molasses & Whole Wheat Couscous

What’s it like to suspend or skip Blue Apron deliveries? Is it easy to take care of this on their website?

My mom and dad are coming to stay with us next week, so I need to hold off on the deliveries while they are here. While my mom would probably be excited and willing to try a recipe or two, this is not my dad’s style at all!  At. All. Blue Apron lets you know up front how easy it is if you need to skip a delivery or two, if you go out of town or whatnot. It’s a relatively simple process: log-in to your account, go to ‘delivery schedule’, find the dates you need to skip and there will be an option to click on “skip this delivery”. Unfortunately, I missed the 9 AM cut-off of the 7-day lead time Blue Apron needs to cancel delivery. Know what I do before 9 AM? Hate life. Crave coffee. Dry hair. So, we will be getting one of the two deliveries next week. My dad can be on his own with pizza or something. Although, heads up, if you log back in to the site again, they ask you, “are you SURE you want to skip delivery?????” I really wish I didn’t have to miss the Gnocci, darnit, but yes, I’m sure. Done. We will take a two meal break next week.

oh, gnocchi, I wish you could be mine, but it's not meant to be

oh, gnocchi, I wish you could be mine, but it’s not meant to be

Last night’s dinner: MORE TAGINE!!!!!!


It’s like they knew how much I loved the last one!

If we’re pitting tagine recipes against each other, the edge goes to to the Root Vegetable w Almond Couscous, mainly because the almond couscous was more interesting than the plain whole wheat. In all honesty, though, I think Moroccan food may be my new favorite kind of cuisine. Total number of Moroccan restaurants found in my small town? Ahahaha, not a chance.

slow pourin' molasses

slow pourin’ molasses

The same spice blend was used in this recipe, Ras el Hanout, as the previous one, however, the meat from this one cooked in a sweeter, less tomatoe-y sauce. I used 2.5 tbspns Date Molasses and 1/2 cup dried Currants which added some sweetness to the overall flavor.

I experienced an “oops” moment while cooking the couscous. It boiled over. I probably shouldn’t have cooked it at such a high temperature. Still okay, though!

in addition to laminate countertops, I also hate glass-top stoves. #rentalhomeproblems

in addition to laminate countertops, I also hate glass-top stoves. #rentalhomeproblems

So fortunately, with this recipe coming right on the heels of the previous one, I was able to test my theory of “mixing the yoghurt in with the dinner” to see if it would create a more kid-friendly meal. And, it worked! Awesome Eater liked hers, Picky Eater opted out of the yoghurt sauce entirely and stuck with the plain couscous and tagine. This combination of ingredients probably lent itself to making this more kid-friendly overall – they liked the sweet flavor and the ground lamb/beef. I’ll make this one again for them some night in the future, once I figure out where to buy the Ras El Hanout spice. I’m betting I can find a place to order it online.



…we bought a new washing machine! Random, I know, but I’m excited and have to let someone know. Finally, finally, no more trips to the Laundromat for us!  Still have to buy the dryer, but at least we’re coming into the sunny season where I can get away air-drying things for a while. It’s so quiet and efficient. Welcome to the modern era…washing machines!

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