A Wife’s Critical Review + Blue Apron 15 – Mushroom & Beef Stroganoff w Iceberg Lettuce & Radish Salad

My husband needs to become better versed in the art of food pornography, or I need to teach him how to use my camera properly. It was kind of him to write out his meatloaf recipe and helpful to read over the things we eat on non-BA nights. This gives me a sense of where we’re coming from – ketchup – with where I’d like to be. The turkey and meatloaf was alright, just uninspiring. He did admittedly botch the biscuits and I applaud him for his honesty on this public forum. He used a wheat flour instead of white to ‘healthy up’ the biscuits but I felt that defeated the point. If you’re going to bake buttermilk biscuits no amount of wheat flour will make them healthier. Make ’em rich, buttery, and delicious! I won’t get too critical on him here since he will probably never read this! There’s an interesting shift in the balance of power in our relationship happening with me taking over the primary cooking duties.

Anyway, here is my review for Saturday’s Blue Apron recipe: Mushroom & Beef Stroganoff with Iceberg Lettuce & Radish Salad

undressing you with dem eyes right there

In Russia, wig wears you.

Count Pavel Stroganoff:

I never got the chance to know you. You were a 19th century Russian Diplomat and I’m a 21st century American Housewife. You were pretty good looking, although that wig certainly doesn’t do you any favors. Keep mentally undressing me with that gaze, it’s cool, you saucy minx. You were a gourmand with lofty tastes and had a personal chef who created a new dish named just for you! Life was made. I’ll bet your chef, who as far as I know died nameless, would have been pleased to know that 300 years later people all over the world were still cooking and enjoying his or her creation for you.

We sure did! Saturday’s dinner was a Blue Apron version of a classic Beef Stroganoff.


I shouldn’t over-criticize my husband’s cooking here, because he has a kick-ass family recipe for BS that uses steak instead of ground beef. I’ll try to convince him to write it up so we can compare his vs. Blue Apron’s.

This recipe was savory and creamy. Heavy on the mushrooms, in my opinion. I ended up only using 2/3rds of the cremini mushrooms Blue Apron sent. I wanted the beef flavor to stand out more. I’ve also been trying to make more fond with every recipe, because that IS where the best flavor comes from.


The stroganoff did not take all that long to cook; the egg noodles hardly any time at all. They boiled up in under 5 minutes. After it all came together, I was left with the most random ingredients: a dish of fresh-squeezed orange juice and 1/4 of the remaining sour cream. This is supposed to be for the salad?

orange juice and...sour cream?!

orange juice and…sour cream?!

Yep! Pat, smart man that he is, accurately predicted, “won’t the orange juice curdle the cream?” It did. But once I added olive oil, it un-curdled. Chemistry in action! The dressing coated the iceberg lettuce and sliced radishes and actually made a salad my Picky Eater ate all of!!

Kid-friendliness of this recipe: high. Awesome Eater said ‘yuck’ to the mushrooms (she takes after her Grandfather) but otherwise they both practically gobbled this one up. Ease of cooking, mess-level, overall prep: pretty standard from all the Blue Apron endeavors. 2/3 pancakes. We’ll get the family recipe going and see how the two fare against one another.

Stronga-right on!!

Stroga-right on!!

Oh, and Happy Spring! My helpers assisted in planting up a couple containers for our front door this weekend. Gardening: It’s how we build strong appetites.


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