BLUE APRON 14 – Adobo Style Chicken w Bok Choy & Wild Rice

Ok, Blue Apron, I have a complaint!!

Time to air grievances.

While I appreciate the stellar packaging that ensures the food is kept fresh in transit, all the ice packs and insulation bags are left over. Obviously I’m not the only person who has this issue. The boxes, well, I can always find a use for boxes. But there needs to be an easy way to recycle or send these back – the bags especially. Maybe every other week Blue Apron could send a pre-paid shipping label where the packaging can be picked up and turned back in? Otherwise, what am I supposed to do with all this ice? Sell it?!


Sell ice, they said. It's a good business opportunity, they said. (this image is (c) Disney now and forever btw)

Sell ice, they said. It’s a good business opportunity, they said. (this image is (c) Disney now and forever btw)

Tonight’s dinner ended up being more of a late lunch because everyone in our house was “HUN-GRAAAAYYY”. I expected this meal to be much more kid-friendly than the last one.


Maybe I could even get them to eat Bok Choy, the featured veggie in tonight’s recipe! I have to laugh because on one of our non-Blue Apron nights, my husband, who enjoys cooking and wants to ‘guest blog’ for sometime, cooked a Korean style stir-fry chicken recipe that required Bok Choy as an ingredient. He went to the two main grocery stores in our town and they did not carry any Bok Choy in any of the stores!  That’s a small town for you. And look what we have here, getting some delivered straight to the front door.

haha, in your face crappy grocery store that doesn't have bok choy

haha, in your face crappy small-town grocery store that doesn’t carry bok choy

I really liked this meal. It ended up making a good late-lunch anyway. It was light, flavorful, and didn’t take long at all to cook. The rice took all of 25 minutes in the meanwhile the chicken cooked. The chicken came all pre-chopped. Why thank you, Blue Apron, how considerate.

I feel like chicken tonight

I feel like chicken tonight

In Filipino, the word “adobo” simply means “sauce” – hence where the chicken was going to get the flavor from. I liked all the little bottles that it came with. I always wonder what happens before all this food gets to me – on the production end of things. Did a Blue Apron employee painstakingly measure out exactly 1 tablespoon of vinegar and soy sauce to go in thousands of these bottles? For the record, sweet soy sauce is a thicker consistency and sweeter, obviously.

three little bottles

three little bottles

Everything came together really well with this recipe except at the end I encountered some execution errors. The sauce did not thicken well and I’m thinking I could have put in a pinch of additional corn starch. The serving dish I chose did not accommodate for the thin sauce and there was spillage and a big ol’ mess to clean up. I poured off some excess sauce and set it aside to pour on the leftover rice. The flavor of everything in this meal was still pretty good though!

I hate my laminate countertops.  Hate.

I hate laminate countertops. Hate.

My kids didn’t touch the bok choy, but, the chicken and rice were received positively. I’d rate this one a typical cleanup job, 2/3 pancakes, more for me since I kept spilling everywhere. Today I received another box (more ice packs ahhhhhh!!!!!) and am excited – there’s a recipe in there that looks really, really good and I can’t wait to try it.

presenting chicken...adobo style

presenting chicken…adobo style

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